Day 93

Tuesday 2nd June

Got all packed up and was on the road by 10.30 am. Our flight was for noon. Got there early and watched the people go before us, then it was our turn, I could see that there was wind but Jason ( the Pilot ) assured me it was not a problem, and he was right, the trip was good, few bumps and lighting was not the best but he did what he could to help us get good views. From our flight we headed down towards Port Arthur, on the way we found a spot to stay at Mayfield Bay so nice, camped in for the night. Only a few people here, nice big sites.

IMG_1122  View from the Seaside van park looking out to the bay at BichenoIMG_1123  Here is the seaside van park, this used to be a Christian camping place, its very big.IMG_1131  Freycinet Air, this is their strip.IMG_1138  The people before us taking off.IMG_1148  Up we go.IMG_1161  The Hazards in the mid ground.IMG_1172  Wineglass BayIMG_1173  The Hazards from around the other side. Incredible rocks.IMG_1184 IMG_1185 IMG_1197 IMG_1217  Saffire, built like a Stingray, awesome, Its a resort.IMG_1219 IMG_1226  Coming into land.IMG_1140

The people before us taking off.