Wednesday 14th August

Woke to the car white with frost, we are wanting to go for the forest walk so will catch the bus and walk from there. Went to Ronny creek and the weather has turned real bad so caught the bus back to info center, back to the cabin and had lunch. We then went back again and did the Pencil Pine Falls walk and then headed to the Kynvet Falls. Was getting colder and wetter so headed back to bus stop again, clouds are so low now cant see much at all. Called into the Waldheim Chalet, there is a lot of history to this place and the couple who had the vision,.

 Cradle mountain is up under that cloud.Dove Lake in the fore ground.  View from up at the Chalet Waldheim.  Upper Pencil Pine Falls  Button Grass  Ronny Creek.  Crater Lake walk way from Ronny Creek.  Moss and Lichen on all the trees  View from the Waldheim Chalet looking towards Cradle Mountain.

Walking platforms so as not to damage the foliage.

Moss all over everything.

Pencil Pine  walk

Lower Pencil Pine falls

Beautiful Enchanted Forest

Part of the walk

Kynvet Falls

This is the track to the  Dove Canyon

Day 31

Tuesday 31st March

On the spur of the moment we went to Cradle Mountain, weather was perfect so cant miss out. What an amazing day. Was 77 km from Forth, beautiful country side, rolling farm land, road followed the Forth river.Narrow winding road and the Wilmont Road has a letterbox competition, well we took so many photos where we could could safely stop, only posted a few. Got to Cradle Mountain and had a bite to eat then caught the shuttle bus out to Dove Lake. We took the shots we wanted, then hoped onto the next shuttle and got off at the Rangers Station, got off and did the rainforest walk and saw the Pencil Pine Falls.Jumped back onto the shuttle back to the information center and then headed home via Sheffield. Perfect weather, very warm. Got home at 6.30 pm so decided to go over to the Forth Hotel and had a fabulous meal, good price and real food. We always give back to a town that allows freedom camping, thanks Forth.

IMG_1944IMG_1918  Mt Murchison RangeIMG_1908 IMG_1907 IMG_1905  Darlek Letterbox.IMG_1959 IMG_1958  Landscape heading to Cradle Mountain.IMG_1971PencilPineFalls  Pencil Pine FallsIMG_1979  Dove Lake, Cradle Mountain on left.IMG_2002  The boat shed, Dove LakeIMG_2024

_MG_6800  Took some infrared images Mt Murchison Range_MG_6802 Mt Murchison and the Barrington Dam