Day 11

Tuesday 11th February 

The last of the visitors left today and another hot day so we have just relaxed, after our late night shooting last night. Here are a few photo’s that we have taken over the last few days when we went driving out the back and up into the hills. The bird life is really incredible at my son’s place so that keeps us photographers happy. 🙂

Here is a kingfisher diving in and out of the swimming pool.

IMG_6767IMG_6772  This king fisher played for ages in the pool, so lovely, it was a very hot day. We didn’t go in until he went away.IMG_6825  Think this is a tree creeper.IMG_6838  We think this is a Scarlet Honey Eater, they are so funny, getting around upside down to all the nectar.IMG_6898  Young King Parrot.IMG_6947 Hotel at Scone.IMG_6950  Old house coming home from Scone.IMG_6957  Echidna up in the bush.IMG_6977

The main line into Murrurundi from out the back.IMG_6981  Busg road we have been using.IMG_6985  Some more of the rocks we have found.IMG_7123 Young Scarlet Rosella, it was poking its head into the hole by the guttering, so don’t know if there is a nest or not.