Day 12

Thursday 26th 

Away about 9 am from Lara, no hurry today. Stayed at Lillie’s Lagoon,  very nice place. Only a stop over as there is so much to see in Longreach.


Wellshot Hotel at Ilfracombe


Inside the Wellshot Hotel, hats and money pinned to the roof, money goes to the Royal Flying Doctors.


Lovely big wind mill at Longreach Qantas.


These bras are in Longreach on a house fence. Took a shot as we drove pass.


Just outside of Longreach there are two camping areas, we chose to use Lillie’s Lagoon.


They have had a lot of rain two weeks prior and now look at all the salt like flowering plants, very pretty colours.


Lillie’s Lagoon.




Lots of areas to camp, we got close to the lagoon without fear of bogging, its all black soil.






Milky way to end it all.



Day 68

Saturday 18th

Went into town and went to look at camping store, boy they have heaps in there. Got  to 38 deg, not nice, spent most of the day under the trees. Loved the time at the observatory and seeing the stars, galaxy, mars etc through the Telescope. Magic, I will never look at the sky in the same way again. We have heaps of Apostle birds and gave them a container of water, they don’t stop drinking and swimming in it, forever topping it up. Only night shots, was to hot during the day.

DPP_587  Milky way.StarStaX_DPP_579-DPP_585_gap_filling

Star trails with car trails in it. Couldn’t get away from them.