Tuesday 21st February.

Well we had a very busy day, cooking meals, showering, washing, and just catching up with a few bits, so not a lot of photo’s , but we did have a fire, and went night shooting.

 Camp   Milky way over the Little Lagoon.


Day 10

Wednesday 30th September.

Our last day at Lara Wetlands, relaxed and enjoyed it the best I could, not feeling the best so will sort that out when we go back to Barcaldine. Here are a few photo’s, our neighbour Debbie and I took some nights shots, great time Debbie, thanks. Here are some images from the last couple of days as well.

_MG_6845  The wetlands in infrared.DSCF5336  Sun setting.DSCF5301  The cold pool, very deep.DSCF5287  The canoes are free to use on the lake.DSCF5282  This is the water heater for the showers.DSCF5281  New toilet block down other end , this makes two lots of shower/toilets.DSCF5280  Or you can use the original Thunder Box.DSCF5274 Our camp site.DSCF5271 Storms, got lots of lightning and a bit of rain, settled the dust was about all.This was the night before the star shoot.IMG_7656  Night shotsIMG_7646 Traffic lights from the cars coming back from pool, and milky way.

Day 11

11th Wednesday
Last day here, I took a drive into town, went to bank, book store and chemist. nice town. Toilet still leaking, I am over it. this is our 3rd toilet, never will we buy BCF toilets again. Made a yoghurt today as I use it as a cream as well. Started to tidy up and pack what I could for tomorrow. Did a some night shooting and some Milky Way shots.
IMG_9941 IMG_9947