Day 64

Tuesday 14th

Another very windy night and cool this morning, so nice after all the hot days. Only got to 28 deg I was told. Had a quiet day, did some packing as we head off tomorrow, had tea early and went over to the hot pools, said our cheerio’s to the people in the pool with us.

IMG_6669  Love the speed sign.IMG_6712  Yellow-billed spoonbillIMG_6776  Pelicans getting their place for the night.DSCF3573  View from the loo.DSCF3574  Another view from the loo.DSCF3575

Yet another view from the loo, so you can see its not at all boring.


Day 59

Thursday 9th

Just as hot today so did a wee drive around, went and saw Dons sister who lives here and we had tea over there place. I just love the signs that I have seen on our travels. The country people are so nice all have the time to chat.

IMG_5960  Some of the signs, note the great deal at van park and its amenities are great.IMG_5956 IMG_5947  Flash church.IMG_5937  Self explanatory. Table and seats in the middle of the road.IMG_5938 Famous White Bull.