Day 84

Sunday 24th May

Headed off to check out some places a chap called Chris from the park suggested and we were very pleased, got to see and do heaps, Thanks for that Chris. Went to Binalong bay, and all its roads, then onto St Helens point and all its roads etc.

IMG_8444 IMG_8451 IMG_8457Georges bay The bay coming from Hillcrest caravan park where we are staying, this is the George Bay, St Helens in the back ground.IMG_8485 IMG_8475PeronDunes Akaroa IMG_8473  Part of the Peron DunesIMG_8478  Sand patterns from wind and critters.IMG_8483  Think these are She-oak pines cones, Black cockatoo’s loves these cones as there is a nut inside.IMG_8503  Such clear waters.IMG_8493 IMG_8509 IMG_8510  Mouth of the bay and oceanIMG_8512  Looking out over the Peron Sand dunesIMG_8514 IMG_8516 IMG_8564 IMG_8785 IMG_8810Dora Point IMG_8817  Dora Point, men cleaning their catch for the day.IMG_8850  Stingrays, IMG_8861  Waiting for tit bits from the fisher menIMG_8884 IMG_8881