Wednesday 25th September

Heading north up the island, went via the Great Lakes to Deloraine, You can see some of the devastation from the fires early this year.

 View from top of the Tiers, Great Lakes.  Deloraine,old flour mill in back ground. Frost on the ground early morning. Van Park Deloraine on the Mersey River.


Crossing over to Tasmania :)

Got down to the Port early and was prepared to wait around and also caught up with my Grandson, fantastic. 4.30 pm we headed to the boarding pass, once on board take our night things to the room and then settled into the enjoyment of the trip, had a really good crossing, good night sleep and was leaving the ship at about 6.30 am. We hung about for awhile then went to K-Mart before heading to Meander to stay with some people for couple of weeks.

 View of the Tiers from Meander Valley