Friday 23rd August

We are in our third house sit and decided to look around the area. Ended up checking Nobby Hill which we can see from the kitchen window, lovely views, from here we could see snow on Mt Hartz, so off we went. Well it didn’t disappoint. Port Huon top image.

 Nobby Hill  Mt Hartz in the back ground.  Drive up to Nobby Hill  Remains from the fires early this year.  New growth  Arve Picnic area,was badly damaged but with the new tables and shelter its looking great.  Arve river


Wednesday 14th August

Woke to the car white with frost, we are wanting to go for the forest walk so will catch the bus and walk from there. Went to Ronny creek and the weather has turned real bad so caught the bus back to info center, back to the cabin and had lunch. We then went back again and did the Pencil Pine Falls walk and then headed to the Kynvet Falls. Was getting colder and wetter so headed back to bus stop again, clouds are so low now cant see much at all. Called into the Waldheim Chalet, there is a lot of history to this place and the couple who had the vision,.

 Cradle mountain is up under that cloud.Dove Lake in the fore ground.  View from up at the Chalet Waldheim.  Upper Pencil Pine Falls  Button Grass  Ronny Creek.  Crater Lake walk way from Ronny Creek.  Moss and Lichen on all the trees  View from the Waldheim Chalet looking towards Cradle Mountain.

Walking platforms so as not to damage the foliage.

Moss all over everything.

Pencil Pine  walk

Lower Pencil Pine falls

Beautiful Enchanted Forest

Part of the walk

Kynvet Falls

This is the track to the  Dove Canyon

Tuesday 13th August

Had a real quiet day yesterday, but left early this morning and headed to Cradle Mountain, staying in a cabin for 3 nights. The drive is beautiful and the weather is looking good, clear skies and snow on the tops that we could see. Got set up in the cabin then took off up to Dove Lake and we were lucky there is a bit of snow on Cradle.


Sunday 11th August

The last couple of days been getting ready to head off and spend some time at Gowrie Park and Cradle Mountain, so baking and preparing meals, makes life easier when you dont have good weather and facilities. This park is awesome, the owners are Shelley and Geoff, so obliging, clean and well set out park. This is a 40 min drive to Cradle, so worked in good, we left the van here.  Heading to Gowrie, Mt Rolland in background  Cabins up the back, toilets and showers in the middle and backpackers cabins and bbq area in the end.  Pademellon  Lots of Heather bushes here, so reminds me of where I come from NZ.  Mosses This is a restaurant.

August 1st, Thursday

After a lazy morning decided to go check out Dodges Ferry, Primrose Sands and all the wee bays on the Frederick Henry Bay, very lovely.

 Looking across the water to the recreational point of Seven Mile Beach..  Put a twirl on the log just for fun.  Patterns in the sand stone.  This part of the bay is a shark nursery for the Gummy shark.  Looking through to Park Beach..

Tuesday 30th July

Had to go into Hobart and we did a walk around, very pretty as cities go,

 Bridge into Hobart  Called The Tasman Bridge. Very big and awesome to look at..

Salamanca, this is where the markets are on, they are very well known.

These are the boats for Mona

This ship is the one that goes to the Antarctica.

Looking from the wharf up towards the city.

Another shot of the Tasman Bridge, Mt Wellington in the background. This does get snow.