Day 12

Thursday 2nd January 2014

Well the opossums were on the prowl again last night, we have had a baby and an adult hanging around, they make so much noise some nights.

We have another beautiful day, got to make the most of it as this is our last full day. Have had a few spots of rain, very overcast and humid, feels like another storm on the way. Just going to veggie out and spend some time getting photo’s of the baby Yellow face and mum feeding them, she has 3 babies. Only just discovered them last night, but have been watching the way the two adults were protecting this tree, now we know why.

IMG_6103 IMG_6110 I sat motionless for nearly two hours to get these photo’s so as not to disturb mum with her feeding the babies, kept an eye on them over the rest of the day and with the goanna hanging around I was concerned, obviously so were the parents and she encouraged them to fly up into the tree beside her nesting tree, well one got off track and the parents were really going to town, then I realized one was on the ground beside our toilet tent, so Don picked it up and popped it into the tree and off it went up to its mum. Here is a photo of their nest taken by Don, I was to short to reach.


Went for a walk and Don saw a Rufus Fantail, what a beautiful bird, I did get some shots but not good, they are even quicker than the Grey Fantail. Here is a photo taken by Don, it is only a reference photo.


Day 10

Tuesday 31st

Woke a wee bit later this morning, was great, Kay & Mark were all set up and ready to leave early so we all had a cuppa and said cheerio for now, this was 7.15 am.


We had a very overcast day so this is good, as I went down to the kingfisher spot and sat, but not a lot happening, I could here the kingfisher going off down the creek further, so headed back to camp. People on the other side of us were gone by lunch time so we now have all the paddock to ourselves, except for the bulls all going off and a goanna visiting again, plus there is a storm brewing.

IMG_5290  These two bulls were always in competition, they must have their own girls and protecting there inheritance.IMG_5334 IMG_5381 Saw the most amazing sight, sitting watching the rain this afternoon and saw that the gum leaves were jumping up in the air, a good couple of inches and I haven’t been drinking ha-ha, but really watching, it was the big spits of rain hitting the very dry leaves made them jump, I wish now that I’d taken a wee video shot as photo’s didn’t do it. Filled all the containers up again, so that’s good saves our tank water. After the rain had stopped the thunder continued for hours just rolling around the hills, such a great sound.

IMG_5466 Sat around the fire for as long as I could stay awake, the thunder was still rumbling, made for a very pleasant and relaxing time, but didn’t make it to midnight, the end of another year 2013 over.

Day 7

Saturday 28th

Had a cuppa and got cleaned up after breakfast and going for a drive to see if we can see a  bird I saw when we drove to Warwick, down near the Dump Point area, looked like a Yellow Rosella, so would be good to get a photo of it. We  emptied the loo while down there. Just finished doing the ablution bit and noticed on the road behind us were a couple of bulls sizing each other up, one is a brown Brahma looking bull, the other one just a bull, I heard the cows going off mooing but didn’t take any notice, they must of known something, ha-ha. Stayed of course and got some photo’s, very exciting, the white bull won and then he headed back to the group of cows, so we can only assume that the brown bull was getting to close to his girls. This is the same white bull that has been very dominating over the cows and calves crossing the creek down by our camp site.

IMG_4629 IMG_4663

After all the excitement we then headed up a 4 wheel drive track to some look out, very steep, lots of loose surface on the track but was not to boggy, was good to test us and the vehicle on a small bit of 4×4 driving, we are new to this, Don has done it all about 30 years ago, so its a different ball game now a days in these smart vehicles. It was very steep, the view was so heat hazed we could not see much. We checked out another couple of area’s but never saw the bird again, in spite of sitting and listening many times.


Got back to camp, moved the solar panels again and put on a loaf of gluten free bread in the Weber in the camp oven. Now this turned out eatable but not very high as I only put a very small amount of mixture in due to the small camp oven I’m using, actually going to buy a proper bread tin when I get home.

Had lunch, grabbed some goodies for our smoko later and headed up to the rain forest and look at the Retreat. The walk to the Sylvester’s Lookout is really lovely not as steep as the Castle Lookout one, so more enjoyable, not many birds but did see one I have never seen before and cant find a name for it yet, not even in  my bird book. Called into the retreat, what a lovely place, went up to see the lady and what a nice person, they have a great camping area as well as cabins, clean and a excellent real dump point. Just up from here is the Main Range National park

IMG_4720 Entrance to the lookout.IMG_4735 Everything is covered with mossy growth, this is up at the tops.IMG_4731  View from the lookout, down in the valley towards the coast in a easterly direction. IMG_4723  A bird that I do not know the name of yet! I think it is a Black-faced Monarch.IMG_4742  Beautiful ferns in the rain forest.IMG_4769  Lesueur’s frog’s.IMG_4787

A good day was had, did get pretty hot in the afternoon.

Heading back to airport.

Saturday 23rd April

Sadly our wonderful trip has come to it’s last day but we will be taking it all in along the way and stopping for that odd photo, as we do. We packed up and left the cabin at 10 am. Took our time and lots of stops to see the many wonderful views along this Great Ocean Road. Traffic was very heavy so made stopping a bit difficult at times. This whole area is a photographer dream. The weather was very overcast and grey skies. These images are just a sample of what there is to see, to many to put into this site but will upload more into my Gallery soon.

Child enjoying the water. This wee child was playing with the water coming in and out, it was quiet rough, but being a kid, what a lot of fun.

Great Ocean Road Starts.

Here is the beginning of the Great Ocean Road, quiet a magnificent entrance to a remarkable drive.

Split Point Lighthouse.                      This is the Split Point Light house at Airley’s inlet, along the Great Ocean Road.

Queenscliff Lighthouse. Victoria.                Queenscliff Light house down at Queenscliff on the Peninsula out from Geelong, Victoria.

This has been a very long day but incredible. We went and dropped the hire car off and flew back to Queensland, getting into the airport in Qld at 11.40 pm, the flight was a bit bumpy and we are very tired with lots of smiles on our faces. Until the next trip, :)))))

Twelve Apostles.

Tuesday 19th April

Overcast and drizzly today but to bad we are off the Twelve Apostles, headed off at 8.15 am, we like to get to places before to many people are around as we take photos. What an amazing  coast line, the lighting for photography was not good but you do what you can on the day. Went and looked at all the lookouts until it started to get a bit to wet. The last to lookouts we didn’t do.

Loch Ard Gorge This is such an amazing place, the sheer size of the cliffs, and that narrow opening to the sea, would love to see it in a storm. Loch Ard Gorge.

Loch Ard Gorge#2 Just another angle of the Loch Ard Gorge.Apostles This view was from a lookout, the formations of the sandstone that has been shaped through weather is incredible.

A Bay at the Apostles.I don’t have a name of this Bay, after this photo we couldn’t really get any more shots as it really started to rain, we headed back to the car, camera’s under our jackets. Went to Port Campbell from here and had lunch was really very miserable but what a lovely place if the weather had not been raining. On our way home we did pop into Joanna Beach, it is a really lovely spot to do some freedom camping at another time. Very big area. Another wonderful day.:))