Day 4

Tuesday 23rd 

Very chilly last night. Woke up early and got up at 5 am. Did my tai chi early and then I noticed the parrots were sitting eating the thistles watching,  no camera in hand. 😦 I have moved the solar panels around to get the sun when its up over the hill, found coverage this morning on sat phone as the sky is clear,  would not work yesterday as the cloud cover was thick. The owners came down and said they’d heard from my daughter she is coming out to camp with her husband. Had 3 swims yesterday.  We went for a brisk walk up the hill and back. We have met three guys camping next to us in the paddock and its Davids birthday, the eldest of the three I think, we have enjoyed their company and Davids guitar playing. Emptied toilet today. Going to get Kay to move up past us be more quiet for them. The river is high and the animals cross over at our swimming hole.


Day 7

Saturday 28th

Had a cuppa and got cleaned up after breakfast and going for a drive to see if we can see a  bird I saw when we drove to Warwick, down near the Dump Point area, looked like a Yellow Rosella, so would be good to get a photo of it. We  emptied the loo while down there. Just finished doing the ablution bit and noticed on the road behind us were a couple of bulls sizing each other up, one is a brown Brahma looking bull, the other one just a bull, I heard the cows going off mooing but didn’t take any notice, they must of known something, ha-ha. Stayed of course and got some photo’s, very exciting, the white bull won and then he headed back to the group of cows, so we can only assume that the brown bull was getting to close to his girls. This is the same white bull that has been very dominating over the cows and calves crossing the creek down by our camp site.

IMG_4629 IMG_4663

After all the excitement we then headed up a 4 wheel drive track to some look out, very steep, lots of loose surface on the track but was not to boggy, was good to test us and the vehicle on a small bit of 4×4 driving, we are new to this, Don has done it all about 30 years ago, so its a different ball game now a days in these smart vehicles. It was very steep, the view was so heat hazed we could not see much. We checked out another couple of area’s but never saw the bird again, in spite of sitting and listening many times.


Got back to camp, moved the solar panels again and put on a loaf of gluten free bread in the Weber in the camp oven. Now this turned out eatable but not very high as I only put a very small amount of mixture in due to the small camp oven I’m using, actually going to buy a proper bread tin when I get home.

Had lunch, grabbed some goodies for our smoko later and headed up to the rain forest and look at the Retreat. The walk to the Sylvester’s Lookout is really lovely not as steep as the Castle Lookout one, so more enjoyable, not many birds but did see one I have never seen before and cant find a name for it yet, not even in  my bird book. Called into the retreat, what a lovely place, went up to see the lady and what a nice person, they have a great camping area as well as cabins, clean and a excellent real dump point. Just up from here is the Main Range National park

IMG_4720 Entrance to the lookout.IMG_4735 Everything is covered with mossy growth, this is up at the tops.IMG_4731  View from the lookout, down in the valley towards the coast in a easterly direction. IMG_4723  A bird that I do not know the name of yet! I think it is a Black-faced Monarch.IMG_4742  Beautiful ferns in the rain forest.IMG_4769  Lesueur’s frog’s.IMG_4787

A good day was had, did get pretty hot in the afternoon.

Day 5

Thursday 26th Boxing Day

Had another great day, just relaxing with Mark and Kay for some of the time, and getting bird shots.

Had lots of activity with the cows and the bulls today, there was one bull controlling the cows with calves from crossing the creek, he really was getting angry for a while. Didn’t even need to leave camp to have fun.

Did some washing, showered, gave the camp a bit of a tidy up.

The weather is real good, not so hot and nice and overcast.

We spent some time at K & M’s fire pit this evening chatting about the day and then did tea.

Lots of people driving around but so far we still have the place to ourselves. Time to have a cuppa and then crash for the night.

Had a couple a young opossums visit us while we were sitting at the fire and during the night. Good night.

IMG_4286 Bower birds bow  Bower Birds Bow, all the blue bottle tops that it had collected, plus many other blue bits, wonder where it finds them.IMG_4305 Crimson Rosella  Crimson Rosella, just in the trees where we camped.IMG_4322 Azure Kingfisher  Azure Kingfisher in the trees at camp.IMG_4387 Cow suckling calf  Mother cow with suckling calf, needs to grab a drink while it can.IMG_4388 Irate bull  This bull was real funny to watch, he was not allowing a few cows and their calves to cross the creek and as one was  crossing and about to go up the bank he turned and ran, I managed to get a grab shot.