Day 4

Tuesday 23rd 

Very chilly last night. Woke up early and got up at 5 am. Did my tai chi early and then I noticed the parrots were sitting eating the thistles watching,  no camera in hand. 😦 I have moved the solar panels around to get the sun when its up over the hill, found coverage this morning on sat phone as the sky is clear,  would not work yesterday as the cloud cover was thick. The owners came down and said they’d heard from my daughter she is coming out to camp with her husband. Had 3 swims yesterday.  We went for a brisk walk up the hill and back. We have met three guys camping next to us in the paddock and its Davids birthday, the eldest of the three I think, we have enjoyed their company and Davids guitar playing. Emptied toilet today. Going to get Kay to move up past us be more quiet for them. The river is high and the animals cross over at our swimming hole.


Day 3

Monday 22nd

Woke to a beautiful fine day. Still cloudy.  Birds everywhere.  The family’s that have the reserved site have arrived. The chap that owns the land was telling us that they come several times a year. By afternoon some more people arrived and have parked just the other side of Kays site so we will suggest to her she take the one up from us. One of the men is an aboriginal artist and has some of his clothing items here for the wife, really beautiful work,  I asked him to tell me the story of the painting and it was real good. Went for a walk along the river bank but got to hot so I came back for lunch. Went for another swim the water was warmer than the air out of the water. Got the fire going and heated tea up, was nice curried sausages and veggies. Easy meal. Started cooling down once that sun went down.

In the river.
IMG_8458 Crimson Rosella
DSCF3820We are camped way back there in the background on right.

Day 4

Wednesday 25th

Woke up and got a cuppa made, Kay and Mark were moving around so went and said good morning. They are pretty tired so will be a veggie out day for them.

We went down to the dump point to do the ablution bit, just a concrete pit in the ground with a lid, pour it in and put lid on again, so no tap, we filled the bottom of the cassette up with water and gave it a swirl around and emptied it. It’s clean dirty water. For a place to charge the prices they do and then to provide such in adequate dump point should be not allowed, very disgusting.

Lots happened here at camp with the bird life, we have the Bower birds coming into camp and looking for anything they can have, found its bower and all the blue bits it’s been collecting. A goanna being chased by two kingfishers, crows being attacked by kingfisher, Crimson parrots, finches, a yellow faced honey eater.

Went frog hunting tonight and yes we found quite a few, didn’t take the camera gear, checking it out first so will go shooting tomorrow night.

This morning Don found a frog in the pantry, just sitting in the opening, gave him a hell of a fright as his finger touched it, until he realized what it was.

Well time for bed, just waiting while the fire pit dies out a bit more then crash. We have put the end wall up, looks like it might rain tonight so just being prepared. Not so hot today, nice breeze most of the day. Good night.

IMG_4209  Crimson Rosella drinking from the water holeIMG_4231

Female Superb Fairy-WrenIMG_4241

Male Superb Fairy-Wren

Day 3

Tuesday 24th Happy birthday to me.

Had a good sleep, was a wee bit cool but not as cold as was predicted. Got up at 6.30 am and put the kettle on, had a cuppa. It is so nice and peaceful listening to the sounds, and a bull roaring in the background.

Having a concern about the Waeco freezer, it’s losing its temp fast, we have had a lot of problems with it, or it’s our battery system, so have had the generator on for 1 ½ hours and took all of the 1 1/2 hours to pick up the freezers temp again. Solar was in full sunlight all day yesterday and is in full sunlight now, so we will be monitoring it, will be getting the system checked out by the solar people when we get home.

It’s warming up now. We went for a drive to check out a few things, can’t find the dump point they have said is here. Checked out other areas for camping, we really do have the best spot for what we like to do. Collected some fire wood for Mark and Kay in case they get here late. They are not here yet so assume that they will come tomorrow.

Lots of birds around us and then tonight we saw the Crimson Rosella’s came in. They are so pretty and colourful.

Opened a red wine to have with tea for my birthday, sorry Kay you were not here to share. Got very hot during the afternoon, but has cooled down nicely now, it’s now 7 pm and quiet windy, so closed up Mark and Kay’s tent. Good night.
Well Kay and Mark arrived at 10.30 pm, she came over and sang happy birthday to me thru the window. Was a lovely surprise, I was to tired to get up and have a cuppa, let them get organised.

Kingfisher  KingfisherIMG_4067Kay's camp site  My daughter and her husbands camp siteIMG_4068Our camp site  Our camp site, well camouflaged IMG_4139Kookaburra