Day 4

Tuesday 23rd 

Very chilly last night. Woke up early and got up at 5 am. Did my tai chi early and then I noticed the parrots were sitting eating the thistles watching,  no camera in hand. 😦 I have moved the solar panels around to get the sun when its up over the hill, found coverage this morning on sat phone as the sky is clear,  would not work yesterday as the cloud cover was thick. The owners came down and said they’d heard from my daughter she is coming out to camp with her husband. Had 3 swims yesterday.  We went for a brisk walk up the hill and back. We have met three guys camping next to us in the paddock and its Davids birthday, the eldest of the three I think, we have enjoyed their company and Davids guitar playing. Emptied toilet today. Going to get Kay to move up past us be more quiet for them. The river is high and the animals cross over at our swimming hole.