Day 3

Monday 22nd

Woke to a beautiful fine day. Still cloudy.  Birds everywhere.  The family’s that have the reserved site have arrived. The chap that owns the land was telling us that they come several times a year. By afternoon some more people arrived and have parked just the other side of Kays site so we will suggest to her she take the one up from us. One of the men is an aboriginal artist and has some of his clothing items here for the wife, really beautiful work,  I asked him to tell me the story of the painting and it was real good. Went for a walk along the river bank but got to hot so I came back for lunch. Went for another swim the water was warmer than the air out of the water. Got the fire going and heated tea up, was nice curried sausages and veggies. Easy meal. Started cooling down once that sun went down.

In the river.
IMG_8458 Crimson Rosella
DSCF3820We are camped way back there in the background on right.