Day 1 & 2

Saturday 20th December

Got away about 11.30 am. Good price for fuel, filled up everything, at $1.30 a litre and 4 cents discount a litre, was great.

Stopped at Logan river just before Beaudesert and had lunch.
Carried on down the Mt Lindsay highway,  real lovely drive and over the ranges into Urbinville,  and out to the Bruxner highway. Our turn off was not that far away and then we carried on down to the river where we are going to camp. Just had a wee bit of rain so have retreated into the camper,  early to bed.

Sunday 21st.

 Woke to a lovely overcast morning,  sitting by the river having morning cuppa, I’m in heaven.

We had a opossum visit last night. Horses, cows a big bull and calves, just lovely. Its 6.08 am.
Have had a busy and good day. Turned out fine. Looked further up the road at the other camp spots,  all nice but where we are better for view of river and closer to swimming hole.
A couple dropped into look at the camping area and popped over for a chat. Good chatting with locals as you learn more.
Late this afternoon I could hear thunder in the distance,  sure enough it slowly moved over us, few spits of rain and thats it. Cools the air, but the flies are bad.
Collected heaps of fire wood.

IMG_8310 IMG_8387