Thursday 5th October

Here are some photos taken over a few days at camp.

 Mum and bub, night shot.  camping area at Bonadio’s.  Toilet block  Camp kitchen  BBQ area and pit fire.


Day 5

Thursday 26th Boxing Day

Had another great day, just relaxing with Mark and Kay for some of the time, and getting bird shots.

Had lots of activity with the cows and the bulls today, there was one bull controlling the cows with calves from crossing the creek, he really was getting angry for a while. Didn’t even need to leave camp to have fun.

Did some washing, showered, gave the camp a bit of a tidy up.

The weather is real good, not so hot and nice and overcast.

We spent some time at K & M’s fire pit this evening chatting about the day and then did tea.

Lots of people driving around but so far we still have the place to ourselves. Time to have a cuppa and then crash for the night.

Had a couple a young opossums visit us while we were sitting at the fire and during the night. Good night.

IMG_4286 Bower birds bow  Bower Birds Bow, all the blue bottle tops that it had collected, plus many other blue bits, wonder where it finds them.IMG_4305 Crimson Rosella  Crimson Rosella, just in the trees where we camped.IMG_4322 Azure Kingfisher  Azure Kingfisher in the trees at camp.IMG_4387 Cow suckling calf  Mother cow with suckling calf, needs to grab a drink while it can.IMG_4388 Irate bull  This bull was real funny to watch, he was not allowing a few cows and their calves to cross the creek and as one was  crossing and about to go up the bank he turned and ran, I managed to get a grab shot.