Day 26

Thursday 9th. 

What a day,  awesome. Did lots of shooting birds,  did the boat trip, that was fantastic learning all the history of the gorge and the Waanyi people.


Heading up the Gorge.


Cliff face, going up the Gorge, some light it looks red, other times its orange, keep’s changing colours. Just beautiful.


We go up around the bend ahead. Feel very small in comparison to the cliffs.


Another part of the trip.


Crocodile slide. We waited but didn’t see anything.


Canoeing, they all having fun, Indarri Falls just around the corner.


Trees growing out of rocks, amazing.


Part of the falls, quite a story as to how long the falls have eroded the rock away, it passes through lime stone and deposits calcium to form where the falls fall.


Another fall as part of the Indarri falls.


A Bower bird landed on the calcium ledge.


Indarri Falls in all its glory, they are so beautiful..


Shapes, colour, just breath taking.


The skipper was telling us about the crack in this cliff face, when there’s been a lot of rain the water gushes out from this crack and forms a water fall that flows right out into the water. So where we are now he said, we’d be getting wet.


Honey Bee full of nectar.


Purple crowned wren.

Day 19

Friday 25th Anzac… Lest we forget….

Remember them I did down by the river, beautiful. There has been a few people arriving at Archers Crossing today. My friends took their canoe up the river, caught them here while I was taking photo’s on the shore line, so was Kate. I tried some star trails last night but there were a few to many clouds, lovely all the same. Had tea, sat by the fire with Kate and Chris.

IMG_0420IMG_0422  The water had some sort of algae and you can see how green it is.IMG_0432  A Pacific Baza, real pretty hawkIMG_0448  And off he goes.IMG_0471  This is a shot of a Cormorant with a fish it has speared with it’s beak.IMG_0493  Cows grazing along the river bankIMG_0508  A snake swimming IMG_0541 My view with my cuppa early morning