Day 19

Friday 25th Anzac… Lest we forget….

Remember them I did down by the river, beautiful. There has been a few people arriving at Archers Crossing today. My friends took their canoe up the river, caught them here while I was taking photo’s on the shore line, so was Kate. I tried some star trails last night but there were a few to many clouds, lovely all the same. Had tea, sat by the fire with Kate and Chris.

IMG_0420IMG_0422  The water had some sort of algae and you can see how green it is.IMG_0432  A Pacific Baza, real pretty hawkIMG_0448  And off he goes.IMG_0471  This is a shot of a Cormorant with a fish it has speared with it’s beak.IMG_0493  Cows grazing along the river bankIMG_0508  A snake swimming IMG_0541 My view with my cuppa early morning