Day 8 & 9

Saturday 27th 

I’m up having a cuppa around a nice hot fire. Drizzling still, the river is up by about 6 inches so my water hole is going to be deep, We have little frogs jumping back across the grass inland direction,  dont understand, in the evening they jump towards the river, dont know where they live in between. Went for our walk, found it hard today. Zoe was driving up the road and stopped and chattered,  they had a nice xmas and came home to damage from the storm two nights ago, there thunder box blew over, ripped the seat off it. Some fences are damaged so they are having to fix them as Garry’s stock can get through. Got back from the walk and did our exercises, had a swim, the river has come up at least 12 inch now, so we are watching. Made a milo and toast, took it up to K&M but they were still in bed so came home and had it, then I decided to make a cake out of my muffin pre mix in the camp oven, even though its raining, well bugger me turned out great, then I threw in some scones and they turned out great. Very happy. Well the rain has not stopped and it’s chilly.  Kay popped over she’s had a good lazy day and sleep.  I have used my dehydrated pumpkin soup mix for tea tonight,  see what it tastes like.

Sunday 28th 

Buy gumboots,  short ones.

It has rained all night.  Still raining it’s 9.30 qld time. River has risen, Don has a stick on the bank for a marker and if the water gets to that we will be packing up. I have got heaps of uke practice done. Oh, the pumpkin soup last night was delicious,  even Don loved it so that’s saying something. I did put 2 cubes of spinach frozen into it. No walk today,  we have walked 6 days want one day off and its so wet as well. The river has been rising more and our sticks are under water. We will make a decision in the morning. Went for a drive up thru Garrys place next door and went only 10 km was lovely, people are camped down by the river there and the river is only couple of feet bankment, crazy. There are too river systems running into this one river so no wonder it’s rising as we could see it still raining up in the hills.  Went down to Kays and saw the platypus playing,  there were two that we saw. Got photos but not good enough to keep. I had a dehydrated meal for tea and Don even liked that one. Crikey. Still raining.  Batteries are doing much better now that the charger is working properly. It’s cooler and the freezer is sitting on -10 most of the day. I have put these two days together with the few photos as to wet for photography.

IMG_8732  Cant even see the rocks that the kids were sitting on few days ago.IMG_8726  Just outside our camp.DSCF3882
  The drive up the road.