Day 10 & 11

Monday 29th 

Going into Tenterfield today get some bits, like fill gas bottle, fill petrol, gumboots, fresh fruit and vegetables. Milk and bread, etc. Well we got most of what we need, spent some time just getting a few extras. Love Tenterfield. Neat place. Went into Crooked Creek and had a look around. Went over to the equestrian place and one has to book now so we have the phone numbers to ring. Got home and put the groceries away.  Went down to Kay and Mark,  had a chat,  we have all agreed that if the rains are going to continue we will pack up at 1st possible time and head to Texas,  check out Bonshaw Wier if full go to Demasque river at Texas. We have had tea. The river has dropped a bit. No photos today.

Tuesday 30th 

Woke to very dark clouds all around the hills, but wasn’t long and they had burnt off to a very warm day. We had breakfast, cleaned up and then did our walk, if you are not back from the walk before 8.30 am it’s just far too hot for me. The family next to us were having great fun going over the Rapids so Don and I started taking pics of them and did a video.  I went over and told them and said I’d like to email them to them as i don’t want them. Harvey took me on the buggy down to the bottom of the rapids so I could do a video of them coming towards me. Then in the late afternoon Harvey took Don up the hills in buggy, I chose not to go as a bit rough on my back.  We must of had 6 swims today. Kay and Mark came up for a swim in our waterhole as it’s in shade,  their’s is in sun, not good for Mark. Sat around the fire for awhile and got all our scrapes burnt then bed.

IMG_8835  These kids just bobbed around like little corks, they had so much fun.IMG_8818  Here they come down the rapids.IMG_8777  There the kids go, there helmets and camcorder on there heads, DSCF3889 I would sit in the shade here and the cows would hang around, so neat.