Day 62

Sunday 12th

Had a good night sleep, it was quiet chilly after the storm. Did a walk around the wetlands, just beautiful, these wetlands have been here 100 years that they know of and Jo, the owner is keeping it all in natural state, even the artisan pool and waters are not tampered with, only tested. The sites are huge and they have washing machine bowls or 1/3 of a 44 gallon drum for fire pits, keeps it all fire safe.

IMG_6396  Kite teasing me.IMG_6375  Camp Kitchen, has everything you need.IMG_6344  Roo while walking around the wetlands.IMG_6337  Large sites for all, these are placed around the perimater of the wetlands.IMG_6362  overflow of the bore, artisan waters, these run into the wetlands and into the pool.IMG_6361  The pool, so nice.IMG_6360 Ablution block, really beautiful and old fashioned and clean. Shower and toilets.


Day 61

Saturday 11th

Windy as hell again, rained a wee bit during the night but fine to pack up, heading off towards Charlieville, may stop at Lloyd Weir, they have artisan hot pools. Well we ended up at a place called Lara Wetlands, what a magic spot, with artisan hot pools as well, Yeah, I get to soak.:) We booked in for 2 nights at this stage. Big storm went thru and then we sat in the pools watching the lightning on the horizon, lovely way to end the day. Met the owner this afternoon to get some money and introduce herself, lovely person. Here’s a few photo’s from today from our camp site, cool backyard for next 3 days.

IMG_6169  Dunny out in the bush camp, I have grunged it up a bit for fun.IMG_6270  The poor old D5, has been sitting awhile but they do use it on the farm for the roads.IMG_6183  Kite about to land in its nest, from our camp site.IMG_6120  Looking across the wetlands from our camp site. Lara wetlands.IMG_6083  The morning before heading off, sparrow loves porridge, soaking to wash.IMG_6077 Sparrow leaving the nest. Barcaldine, morning before heading off.

Day 60

Friday 10th

Windy as hell today so cant cook a breakfast, trying out the new Gluten Free weetbix, and they tasted real good. Getting sorted, packing up and heading off to Barcaldine, stayed at a van park, another hot day 43 deg. We had a job to be done on the camper so needed to be in a town. Here’s a few photo’s of the day. Visited some people out on a farm, here are their Drake and ducklings. Not a lot of photos today.

IMG_6061  Dad looking after the bubs. IMG_6045 IMG_6031  Olive-backed Oriole’s nest, she was guarding this nest fiercely.IMG_6019  Olive-backed Oriole I think.DSCF3557  The road heading to Aramac, country side very flat, DSCF3549  Edge of town at Aramac.DSCF3554  Camels being farmed.DSCF3558

Day 59

Thursday 9th

Just as hot today so did a wee drive around, went and saw Dons sister who lives here and we had tea over there place. I just love the signs that I have seen on our travels. The country people are so nice all have the time to chat.

IMG_5960  Some of the signs, note the great deal at van park and its amenities are great.IMG_5956 IMG_5947  Flash church.IMG_5937  Self explanatory. Table and seats in the middle of the road.IMG_5938 Famous White Bull.


Day 58

Wednesday 8th

So nice just sitting listening to nothing having breakfast. The fire truck camp in and I went and spoke with the chap, he comes and fills the water tank up, cleans out the ablution block. Real nice person. We headed off to Aramac, popped into Pentland, checked it out and headed off down the Aramac/Torrens road, very wide, red road, temperature was 40 degrees. Had a good run and not many vehicles on this road, I just love the way the landscapes change. Had morning tea under a trees, boy it was hot. I did some driving today, did 180 km into Aramac, good practice in case I need to. Here’s a few photo’s to tell the story.

DSCF3534  Red dirt roads. Was quiet soft in places.DSCF3498  Campasepe River bed. Train bridge in foreground.DSCF3542  Flat country side along the way. So many extremes.DSCF3536  Back on the dirt.DSCF3530  Begining of the Torrens/Aramac road from Pentland.DSCF3523  Our destination second from bottom.DSCF3509  Pentland Hotel, could tell a story or two.DSCF3486  Camp site at Campasepe, they had not long done a burn off.DSCF3480  Lovely chap from Pentland doing his rounds and jobs.IMG_5892   At Aramac it was the evening of the moon eclisps, this is my effort.

Day 56 – 57

Monday 6th – Tuesday 7th

Monday was sorting, packing and stocking up for heading west.

Tuesday we headed off at 10.30 am and going to the Campasepe River camping spot. Before we headed off the tree loppers arrived and I got some shots of them doing there work. Had a good run thru, camp site is nice and roomy, shade and nice toilets etc, no showers. River was dry and they had not long done a burn off.

StarStaX_DPP_601-DPP_623_gap_fillingCampasepeRiver  Star trails. Campasepe River.IMG_5790  Tree Loppers at work at the relations place.IMG_5715 DSCF3467 DSCF3461  Toilet block, rubbish bins, parking and camping. Campasepe River.DSCF3432  Apostile birds at Charters Towers Dump point area, so hot this day.DSCF3428  Columbia mine shaft entry. Charters Towers.DSCF3419  Loved this, on the way today.DSCF3417  Macrossan River and rail bridge, big camping area here.DSCF3425 Macrossan camping. This is not far out of Charters Towers.

Day 55

Sunday 5th

Went for a drive up to Paluma, called in at Little Crystal Creek Falls, great water holes and water falls. Then onto Birthday   Creek Falls, then went to Paluma Dam Camping area. Spent time here and on way home called into Big Crystal Creek Falls. This is a nice area to camp if one didn’t want to go up the range. Called into Balgal Beach, wow I really loved this beach area and the camping looked good. Trees, toilets, estuary and surf.

IMG_5710  Ocean at Balgal Beach, Rollingstone.IMG_5708  Estuary at Balgal Beach and camping area.IMG_5705  Big Crystal Creek Camping.IMG_5690  Paluma Dam and camping.IMG_5681  Walk down to Birthday creek falls.IMG_5615  Little Crystal Creek Falls.IMG_5570LittleCrystalCreek  The Arch at Little Crystal creek falls.IMG_5575  Picnic tables along the river bed. Little Crystal creek falls.IMG_5579  Big boulders along the river from the Little Crystal Creek Falls.IMG_5595  The Arch is huge, the person gives it perspective.IMG_5603


Day 53 – 54

Friday 3rd – Saturday 4th

Lots of visiting, and catching up with how my granddaughter is doing in Canberra hospital, also clean up the campertrailer. Then on the Saturday we went to Townsville to Kissing Point to see the Army Museum but it was closed, so we off out to Ross River Dam. Was a bit disappointing as one cant really just drive to the water, picnic area is at the bottom of the Dam wall, We went and found a way to climb up and take a look as to if there was any water or what, hey big surprise, was really nice, what a waste that people cant go and enjoy this. Here are a few panorama images as its so huge it was the best way to shoot them.

DSCF3390  This was a wetlands on the way.DSCF3383  Top of the levy banks to the Ross River Dam as is the other two.DSCF3382 DSCF3381

Day 49

Monday 29th

Happy birthday to my eldest son, big 50. 🙂

After getting a few things done around the camper we headed off to Cape Bowling Green, packed lunch as we know it will be an all day tiki-tour. There is camping at the National park but is pretty ordinary and heaps of midges. Went into Cungulla, what a lovely place, sat by the estuary, a lady was throwing out a round net, was dam good at it as well. Heaps of Brahminy kites and ospreys soaring, lovely to watch. Camels with dwarf cows and bulls, the cows were jet black and I didn’t get a good photo.IMG_5463  A Storm Bird or Pheasant Coucal.IMG_5474  Rocks everywhere here just like at Magnetic Island.IMG_5459  Bush after the fire, looks so nice and green new growth.IMG_5457  Part of the salt pans as we enter the road to Cape Bowling GreenIMG_5440  CamelIMG_5415  Brahminy KiteIMG_5393 Lady throwing out her net. This is at Cungulla. Salt Pans,