Day 49

Monday 29th

Happy birthday to my eldest son, big 50. ūüôā

After getting a few things done around the camper we headed off to Cape Bowling Green, packed lunch as we know it will be an all day tiki-tour. There is camping at the National park but is pretty ordinary and heaps of midges. Went into Cungulla, what a lovely place, sat by the estuary, a lady was throwing out a round net, was dam good at it as well. Heaps of Brahminy kites and ospreys soaring, lovely to watch. Camels with dwarf cows and bulls, the cows were jet black and I didn’t get a good photo.IMG_5463 ¬†A Storm Bird or Pheasant Coucal.IMG_5474 ¬†Rocks everywhere here just like at Magnetic Island.IMG_5459 ¬†Bush after the fire, looks so nice and green new growth.IMG_5457 ¬†Part of the salt pans as we enter the road to Cape Bowling GreenIMG_5440 ¬†CamelIMG_5415 ¬†Brahminy KiteIMG_5393¬†Lady throwing out her net. This is at Cungulla. Salt Pans,


Day 46

Friday 26th

All cleaned up and ready to take the key back, our last day on Magnetic, it has been such a wonderful time. Love everything about the place. The people are all so friendly and have the time to say hello or chat.

DSCF3358  Port of Townsville on our return from Magnetic Island.DSCF3355 DSCF3331  Nelly Bay where the barge leaves from. Looking back at.DSCF3299  Scooters are the thing to get around the island on and not all young ones either.DSCF3261  This house was built around the rock, this is the front entrance. Some rocks are just to big to move.DSCF3263  Once again the house is built around the rocks.DSCF3243

House perched on the rocks, it is steeper than the photo shows.

Day 36

Tuesday 16th

Well we are off to explore West Point on Magnetic Island. Had a great day exploring the area, calling into Cockle Bay on the way.

IMG_4248  West Point, Magnetic Island.IMG_4244  Greater Palm Island in far distance from West point.IMG_4240  The view from one of the residence places. Cockle Bay.IMG_4231  Cockle BayIMG_4230  Houses are built on rocks over here. Pop them anywhere they will fit.IMG_4229  Castle Hill in Townsville from Cockle Bay,  Magnetic Island.IMG_4174 Rainbow Bee Eaters

Day 33

Saturday 13th

The meet and greet last night was good, Woke to a lovely day, had breakfast and popped over to J & A place to catch up with the others from Samurai. Had a walk and a drive around and the big dinner is tonight so had a nanny nap. ūüôā


We have two Bush Curlews with our bungalow, they are so cute, they come and sit with me every morning while having my cuppa.



Day 32


Friday 12th

Off for the Samurai Island re-union on Magnetic Island, we have chosen to stay on the Island for a couple of weeks.

DSCF2985 All packed and ready to head off to Magnetic Island. We are leaving the Cub behind and only taking the Wagon.

DSCF2989 Looking at Castle hill from the ferry wharf.

IMG_3620  Looking back towards the Marina in Townsville, the Patrol boat on the left is decommissioned.IMG_3636  Here comes our ride, Yeah.IMG_3649 We are aboard.IMG_3669  Jupiters in Townsville.IMG_3670  Looking out to Magnetic Island and the break waters of Townsville.IMG_3686

Leaving the break waters of Townsville.IMG_3713

Nelly Bay where we are berthing, on Magnetic.


Day 26-29

Saturday 6th-Tuesday 9th

Very hot day today, Had a quiet day, recharging everything while generator is on. No star trails as its turned cloudy. We saw the Satellite ( sky Lab ) go over again, we have been watching it for nights now. We are heading to Townsville and will be catching up with family on Dons side so no more photos for the web site until the 9th. Here are a few images of the Super moon in Townsville. This is the Jetty in foreground, and the shipping harbour and lights of the wharf in background.

IMG_3618 ¬†Final image of the super moon, not as big as I’d thought it would be, still a lot of fun, very windy and cold. 9.30 pmIMG_3596 ¬†The only cloud in the sky and of course it had to be in line with the moon, gave it some character.¬†IMG_3588 ¬†First glimpse of the super moon. Heaps of people doing the same as us.IMG_3580 ¬†This image is looking over at Magnetic Island just before dark.IMG_3576

First image when we got down to the shore line for the super moon.