Day 26-29

Saturday 6th-Tuesday 9th

Very hot day today, Had a quiet day, recharging everything while generator is on. No star trails as its turned cloudy. We saw the Satellite ( sky Lab ) go over again, we have been watching it for nights now. We are heading to Townsville and will be catching up with family on Dons side so no more photos for the web site until the 9th. Here are a few images of the Super moon in Townsville. This is the Jetty in foreground, and the shipping harbour and lights of the wharf in background.

IMG_3618  Final image of the super moon, not as big as I’d thought it would be, still a lot of fun, very windy and cold. 9.30 pmIMG_3596  The only cloud in the sky and of course it had to be in line with the moon, gave it some character. IMG_3588  First glimpse of the super moon. Heaps of people doing the same as us.IMG_3580  This image is looking over at Magnetic Island just before dark.IMG_3576

First image when we got down to the shore line for the super moon.