Day 46

Friday 26th

All cleaned up and ready to take the key back, our last day on Magnetic, it has been such a wonderful time. Love everything about the place. The people are all so friendly and have the time to say hello or chat.

DSCF3358  Port of Townsville on our return from Magnetic Island.DSCF3355 DSCF3331  Nelly Bay where the barge leaves from. Looking back at.DSCF3299  Scooters are the thing to get around the island on and not all young ones either.DSCF3261  This house was built around the rock, this is the front entrance. Some rocks are just to big to move.DSCF3263  Once again the house is built around the rocks.DSCF3243

House perched on the rocks, it is steeper than the photo shows.

Day 37

Wednesday 17th

Going to climb up to Hawkins Point Lookout. Very rocky, only 600m but pretty steep. What a view, 360 of Nelly. Arcadia, Picnic Bays and can see West point.Looking also over to Townsville’s Castle Hill and ports.

IMG_4528  Alma BayIMG_4535  Alma BayDSCF3103  Rock Wallaby at Arcadia BayDSCF3083  Old road to the Jetty when it was at Arcadia BayDSCF3030  View of Picnic Bay from the Hawkins Point lookout. Townsville in the background.DSCF3011  Nelly Bay where the ferry and barge dock.DSCF3005  Climbing up Hawkins Point lookout.DSCF2996

The rocks are incrdiable, roots of trees hold some of them in place. They are huge.