Day 60

Friday 10th

Windy as hell today so cant cook a breakfast, trying out the new Gluten Free weetbix, and they tasted real good. Getting sorted, packing up and heading off to Barcaldine, stayed at a van park, another hot day 43 deg. We had a job to be done on the camper so needed to be in a town. Here’s a few photo’s of the day. Visited some people out on a farm, here are their Drake and ducklings. Not a lot of photos today.

IMG_6061  Dad looking after the bubs. IMG_6045 IMG_6031  Olive-backed Oriole’s nest, she was guarding this nest fiercely.IMG_6019  Olive-backed Oriole I think.DSCF3557  The road heading to Aramac, country side very flat, DSCF3549  Edge of town at Aramac.DSCF3554  Camels being farmed.DSCF3558


Day 49

Monday 29th

Happy birthday to my eldest son, big 50. 🙂

After getting a few things done around the camper we headed off to Cape Bowling Green, packed lunch as we know it will be an all day tiki-tour. There is camping at the National park but is pretty ordinary and heaps of midges. Went into Cungulla, what a lovely place, sat by the estuary, a lady was throwing out a round net, was dam good at it as well. Heaps of Brahminy kites and ospreys soaring, lovely to watch. Camels with dwarf cows and bulls, the cows were jet black and I didn’t get a good photo.IMG_5463  A Storm Bird or Pheasant Coucal.IMG_5474  Rocks everywhere here just like at Magnetic Island.IMG_5459  Bush after the fire, looks so nice and green new growth.IMG_5457  Part of the salt pans as we enter the road to Cape Bowling GreenIMG_5440  CamelIMG_5415  Brahminy KiteIMG_5393 Lady throwing out her net. This is at Cungulla. Salt Pans,