Day 8 & 9

Saturday 27th 

I’m up having a cuppa around a nice hot fire. Drizzling still, the river is up by about 6 inches so my water hole is going to be deep, We have little frogs jumping back across the grass inland direction,  dont understand, in the evening they jump towards the river, dont know where they live in between. Went for our walk, found it hard today. Zoe was driving up the road and stopped and chattered,  they had a nice xmas and came home to damage from the storm two nights ago, there thunder box blew over, ripped the seat off it. Some fences are damaged so they are having to fix them as Garry’s stock can get through. Got back from the walk and did our exercises, had a swim, the river has come up at least 12 inch now, so we are watching. Made a milo and toast, took it up to K&M but they were still in bed so came home and had it, then I decided to make a cake out of my muffin pre mix in the camp oven, even though its raining, well bugger me turned out great, then I threw in some scones and they turned out great. Very happy. Well the rain has not stopped and it’s chilly.  Kay popped over she’s had a good lazy day and sleep.  I have used my dehydrated pumpkin soup mix for tea tonight,  see what it tastes like.

Sunday 28th 

Buy gumboots,  short ones.

It has rained all night.  Still raining it’s 9.30 qld time. River has risen, Don has a stick on the bank for a marker and if the water gets to that we will be packing up. I have got heaps of uke practice done. Oh, the pumpkin soup last night was delicious,  even Don loved it so that’s saying something. I did put 2 cubes of spinach frozen into it. No walk today,  we have walked 6 days want one day off and its so wet as well. The river has been rising more and our sticks are under water. We will make a decision in the morning. Went for a drive up thru Garrys place next door and went only 10 km was lovely, people are camped down by the river there and the river is only couple of feet bankment, crazy. There are too river systems running into this one river so no wonder it’s rising as we could see it still raining up in the hills.  Went down to Kays and saw the platypus playing,  there were two that we saw. Got photos but not good enough to keep. I had a dehydrated meal for tea and Don even liked that one. Crikey. Still raining.  Batteries are doing much better now that the charger is working properly. It’s cooler and the freezer is sitting on -10 most of the day. I have put these two days together with the few photos as to wet for photography.

IMG_8732  Cant even see the rocks that the kids were sitting on few days ago.IMG_8726  Just outside our camp.DSCF3882
  The drive up the road.

Day 7

Friday 26th Happy birthday to Thomas. Boxing day.

Well it rained all night, woke to a cool morning then it started to warm up. We had breakfast and then did my Tai Chi and walk,  the walk we timed it was just on 30 min brisk walk one way and climbing the hill is good, gets the heart rate up. Went and got some wood before everyone started arriving then in for a swim.  The river has risen and the we hole I stand in is now up to the middle of my chest. So nice to be able to just plop into the water anytime, clothes and all. Still overcast and the odd drizzling,  can hear thunder in the hills rumbling. Popped down to Kay’s and had a chat for awhile then came back for lunch. Got a fire going so I could heat my pie up in the camp oven. Had tea and Kay and mark came over we chattered around a fire. Lightning was all around us but no thunder now, drizzled most of the night but no wind so we were able to leave windows open. Warm night.

IMG_8715  The horse was causing havoc in neighbours gazebo so we shooed it out, they love bread.IMG_8696 Horses crossing at our waterhole, its pretty deep now.

Day 6

Thursday 25th. 

Woke to a beautiful morning, mist in the hills, blue sky’s and some clouds. I had my cuppa just watching the world go by. While sitting the Crimson Rosella came again into the thistle patch, it picks the whole thistle out and starts to pick at it, dont know if there is a seed in there or not but seems to be getting something out from all the white fluffy stuff. Don got up and we had breakfast then waited for stomachs to settle, then went for our walk, just got back and started my Tai Chi and Kay and Mark arrived, that was at 9.30 am,  said our hello’s then let them pick a site and get set up, they are both tired, they left at 4 am. Well the day got hot and the Thunder rolled around the hills then the rains came. At least no winds today. We have had tea, fire going now it’s raining again.

IMG_8695  Scarlet Rosella eating thistle flowers.DSCF3870 Try drying yesterdays clothes after the rains, more to come though.

Day 5

Wednesday 24th   Happy birthday to me.  

Up at 5.30 am and it’s lovely and fresh. Having a peaceful cuppa looking at the river, listening to the birds, what more could I want, money cant buy this. Did my Tai Chi, had breakfast, read for awhile, then did our walk up the hill. Was hot. Came back and fell into the river, so nice. Zoe was helping the mob to set up camp further along, as we have had a lot of rain and be safer up where they are now going to be. Just had lunch and waiting for lunch to settle then in the river again. I have had 3 ducks already and only 1 pm. Clouds are forming so something is building somewhere for a storm. Well at about 3 pm we could here thunder over the hills behind, then at 4 pm few spits then it hit us, winds started and got real strong and swirling, very frightening,  we were hanging onto everything, toilet blew over,  branches falling over further up the river, lasted about 15 min. Then just normal rain, we could not even see the other side of the river. After securing everything Don went over and checked on the brothers and their gazebo was cactus so Don helped straighten it up. Their toilet had gone over as did the couple in the caravan. I have a lot of drying to do when the sun shines. Didn’t get tea finished until 7 pm. We are all safe so that’s all that matters. Good night sleep.

IMG_8620 The rains and winds, the river has been rising.
Toilet shelter over.    IMG_8602
Horses are happy in our swimming hole.
 The rapids, the kids were having so much fun and the adults I might add.IMG_8573 Cicada that had just metamorphosed.
DSCF3851 The hill that we walk up every day and back to camp, 2 km return. DSCF3849 the track in the paddock that we start our walk on, very green.
DSCF3841 Owner trying to get the paddock finished to plant the Sorghum before the next rains.

Day 4

Tuesday 23rd 

Very chilly last night. Woke up early and got up at 5 am. Did my tai chi early and then I noticed the parrots were sitting eating the thistles watching,  no camera in hand. 😦 I have moved the solar panels around to get the sun when its up over the hill, found coverage this morning on sat phone as the sky is clear,  would not work yesterday as the cloud cover was thick. The owners came down and said they’d heard from my daughter she is coming out to camp with her husband. Had 3 swims yesterday.  We went for a brisk walk up the hill and back. We have met three guys camping next to us in the paddock and its Davids birthday, the eldest of the three I think, we have enjoyed their company and Davids guitar playing. Emptied toilet today. Going to get Kay to move up past us be more quiet for them. The river is high and the animals cross over at our swimming hole.


Day 3

Monday 22nd

Woke to a beautiful fine day. Still cloudy.  Birds everywhere.  The family’s that have the reserved site have arrived. The chap that owns the land was telling us that they come several times a year. By afternoon some more people arrived and have parked just the other side of Kays site so we will suggest to her she take the one up from us. One of the men is an aboriginal artist and has some of his clothing items here for the wife, really beautiful work,  I asked him to tell me the story of the painting and it was real good. Went for a walk along the river bank but got to hot so I came back for lunch. Went for another swim the water was warmer than the air out of the water. Got the fire going and heated tea up, was nice curried sausages and veggies. Easy meal. Started cooling down once that sun went down.

In the river.
IMG_8458 Crimson Rosella
DSCF3820We are camped way back there in the background on right.

Day 1 & 2

Saturday 20th December

Got away about 11.30 am. Good price for fuel, filled up everything, at $1.30 a litre and 4 cents discount a litre, was great.

Stopped at Logan river just before Beaudesert and had lunch.
Carried on down the Mt Lindsay highway,  real lovely drive and over the ranges into Urbinville,  and out to the Bruxner highway. Our turn off was not that far away and then we carried on down to the river where we are going to camp. Just had a wee bit of rain so have retreated into the camper,  early to bed.

Sunday 21st.

 Woke to a lovely overcast morning,  sitting by the river having morning cuppa, I’m in heaven.

We had a opossum visit last night. Horses, cows a big bull and calves, just lovely. Its 6.08 am.
Have had a busy and good day. Turned out fine. Looked further up the road at the other camp spots,  all nice but where we are better for view of river and closer to swimming hole.
A couple dropped into look at the camping area and popped over for a chat. Good chatting with locals as you learn more.
Late this afternoon I could hear thunder in the distance,  sure enough it slowly moved over us, few spits of rain and thats it. Cools the air, but the flies are bad.
Collected heaps of fire wood.

IMG_8310 IMG_8387