Day 6

Thursday 25th. 

Woke to a beautiful morning, mist in the hills, blue sky’s and some clouds. I had my cuppa just watching the world go by. While sitting the Crimson Rosella came again into the thistle patch, it picks the whole thistle out and starts to pick at it, dont know if there is a seed in there or not but seems to be getting something out from all the white fluffy stuff. Don got up and we had breakfast then waited for stomachs to settle, then went for our walk, just got back and started my Tai Chi and Kay and Mark arrived, that was at 9.30 am,  said our hello’s then let them pick a site and get set up, they are both tired, they left at 4 am. Well the day got hot and the Thunder rolled around the hills then the rains came. At least no winds today. We have had tea, fire going now it’s raining again.

IMG_8695  Scarlet Rosella eating thistle flowers.DSCF3870 Try drying yesterdays clothes after the rains, more to come though.