Thursday 2nd March Day 76

Lovely warm night. Did a wash and drying, showered etc. Lovely quaint town with history. Did the Platypus walk here are some of the fruits that we enjoyed for the day.

 Rosehip berries.  Black berries,  Plums, they were so sweet. I found these fences lined with their firewood stash very interesting.


Day 5

Wednesday 24th   Happy birthday to me.  

Up at 5.30 am and it’s lovely and fresh. Having a peaceful cuppa looking at the river, listening to the birds, what more could I want, money cant buy this. Did my Tai Chi, had breakfast, read for awhile, then did our walk up the hill. Was hot. Came back and fell into the river, so nice. Zoe was helping the mob to set up camp further along, as we have had a lot of rain and be safer up where they are now going to be. Just had lunch and waiting for lunch to settle then in the river again. I have had 3 ducks already and only 1 pm. Clouds are forming so something is building somewhere for a storm. Well at about 3 pm we could here thunder over the hills behind, then at 4 pm few spits then it hit us, winds started and got real strong and swirling, very frightening,  we were hanging onto everything, toilet blew over,  branches falling over further up the river, lasted about 15 min. Then just normal rain, we could not even see the other side of the river. After securing everything Don went over and checked on the brothers and their gazebo was cactus so Don helped straighten it up. Their toilet had gone over as did the couple in the caravan. I have a lot of drying to do when the sun shines. Didn’t get tea finished until 7 pm. We are all safe so that’s all that matters. Good night sleep.

IMG_8620 The rains and winds, the river has been rising.
Toilet shelter over.    IMG_8602
Horses are happy in our swimming hole.
 The rapids, the kids were having so much fun and the adults I might add.IMG_8573 Cicada that had just metamorphosed.
DSCF3851 The hill that we walk up every day and back to camp, 2 km return. DSCF3849 the track in the paddock that we start our walk on, very green.
DSCF3841 Owner trying to get the paddock finished to plant the Sorghum before the next rains.