Day 7

Friday 26th Happy birthday to Thomas. Boxing day.

Well it rained all night, woke to a cool morning then it started to warm up. We had breakfast and then did my Tai Chi and walk,  the walk we timed it was just on 30 min brisk walk one way and climbing the hill is good, gets the heart rate up. Went and got some wood before everyone started arriving then in for a swim.  The river has risen and the we hole I stand in is now up to the middle of my chest. So nice to be able to just plop into the water anytime, clothes and all. Still overcast and the odd drizzling,  can hear thunder in the hills rumbling. Popped down to Kay’s and had a chat for awhile then came back for lunch. Got a fire going so I could heat my pie up in the camp oven. Had tea and Kay and mark came over we chattered around a fire. Lightning was all around us but no thunder now, drizzled most of the night but no wind so we were able to leave windows open. Warm night.

IMG_8715  The horse was causing havoc in neighbours gazebo so we shooed it out, they love bread.IMG_8696 Horses crossing at our waterhole, its pretty deep now.