Day 8


Tuesday 19th.

It was pretty cold last night. Had breaky and got cleaned up ready to hit the road. 10 am and we are off.
We got to Calliope and stopped to get a few things and went down by the river for morning tea. J &A are staying here while we go to my friends place in Rockhampton for a night and will meet us up on the Yepoon road on Wednesday.  Was great spending time with my friend, we chattered until 1 am in the morning, crikey, haven’t done that for years. Don got lots of stuff done on his computer. Bought a pair of sandals and a fleecy shirt, some wool for something to knit when the weather is not good.


 Camping over the far side of the river at Calliope.DSCF2943  This is the camping up the high side.DSCF2940 DSCF2939

Morning tea view, very nice place to stay on another trip.

Day 21

Friday 21st February
Had a real good sleep. Got up and made a cuppa as I do most mornings, I love early, went for a look around while drinking my cuppa, lots of birds, rocks, waterfalls and pools, very peaceful. There are toilets, ladies one is full, the vandals have messed the place up.There is a water tank outside both toilets, ladies one still has water the men’s looks like its been left on to run dry. There is not a lot of room here for many campers, lucky there were only the bus and us. Its got very muggy and the midges are coming out more, 😦
We all just used this day for a bit of R & R as we are all tired. We have decided to move onto Bonshaw weir as the midges got real bad.IMG_8148
 Setting up camp at Rocky Creek Glacier Site.IMG_8426  This is the sign on side of road to the camp area.IMG_8424-2  Coming out of camp area.IMG_8150-2 All set up, Don’s sister is with us in her bus.
IMG_8153  This is the camp site, you can see the damage that has occurred, I am going to send this to the Gwydir Council Shire.IMG_8154 Toilets and top camp.IMG_8155  Top camp sites. Only room for two vehicles.IMG_8157 This was taken at first light. That is a really long way down standing up at the BBQ area looking down.IMG_8177  Rock formations, they are huge square blocks, some look like they have been stacked.IMG_8196  Down at the water near the wee waterfall.IMG_8206 IMG_8207 IMG_8208  From down by the water looking up towards the BBQ area.IMG_8223 This was taken from the top of the waterfall in distance. To the right of the person below in the red shirt.IMG_8240 The person shows the perspective of things.

Camping Spots, South Island, New Zealand.

TeKapo Caravan Park  Tekapo Caravan Park on the shores of Lake Tekapo. Bitterly cold day, snow is in the air, we spent 2 nights on powered site, needed the heater, woke in the morning and it was snowing, just beautiful. Lots of sites here and the hot pools are in the next complex, I noticed that the prices have gone up,but that’s life.

Round Hut Bush Camp

Round Hut Bush Camp. This spot is on the shores of Lake Ohau, really lovely, no facilities at all, you are allowed to stay here and it’s free, about km off the tar seal on good dirt road. Heaps of trees to park under if your vehicle is not to high, lovely shade in summer, but we used the trees as wind break as it was a very windy, cold night, woke to a beautiful fine day and snow on all the tops.

Deer Flat

Deer Flat, Road into Milford, we spent 2 nights here one on the way in and one when we came out, toilets here are chemical long drops, clean and no smell. This is a DOC site. (Department Of Conservation) $5 a night, this was in August 2012.

Frankton, Queenstown.

Frankton, at the caravan park just out of Queenstown on the shores of Lake Wakatipu. Very old but clean and tidy, nice place to stay, was a reasonable cost. The Remarkables in the back ground.

Turnbull Holiday Park

Turnbull Holiday Park. This is on the road to Jackson’s Bay, only road in and out. Lovely spot, great facilities, clean and reasonable fee.

MacDonald Camp

MacDonald’s Camp. This is a DOC site. Very big area, even though it’s just off the main coast road it’s not noisy at all. There is a river just adjacent to us here and very good for Salmon run when there is water flowing. Just over the next bay there is another big area a DOC’s site as well called Otto’s Camp ground on the shores of Lake Mapourika.

Glendhu Bay Van Park

Glendhu Bay, on the shores of Lake Wanaka, on the road to Mt Aspiring. This is a wonderful spot, quiet, clean and reasonable rates, very big and lots of shore walking.

Menaties and huts, Glendhu Bay Van Park

Glendhu Bay, the top end at the entrance. What a view. 🙂

Mosgiel Camping and show grounds.

Mosgiel Camping and Show Grounds. Small, clean, tidy, great facilities and reasonable rates. The show grounds are beside the camp grounds so there was always something happening.

St Andrews Showground camp area

St Andrew’s Camp site Reserve. Off the main Christchurch to Dunedin H’way, quiet, clean plenty of room and very reasonable.

On this trip there were a lot of camp sites we couldn’t get photo’s of due to bad weather. I hope that some of this information is helpful to the reader. 🙂

Still in Lake Tekapo area.

Wednesday 8th August.

6.50 am still black outside, sunrises about 7.45 am at the moment. Rained most of the night that I could hear and very cold. Well wasnt long and then I realised that snow was falling onto the windows of the camper, so we went out and it was very steady fall, we could see thru the fog that Mt John had a fair bit of snow  laying on the ground from last night. So we got packed up and went down to the Good Shepherd Church and got heaps of shots, was so awesome. We fuelled up and started heading up to Mt Cook, there was snow everywhere. Got to Mt Cook where the turn off is to go to Tasman Glacier, low cloud and white with snow beautiful sight. It is 2.45 pm by now.The cloud covered Mt Cook but we did the walk up to Tasman Glacier, not a good view due to cloud but did see the icebergs floating in the Tasman lake. We have run into a couple from Tekapo when staying there so was nice to catch up with them. It started to snow heavy while we were up the tops so made a start to get back down to the car park. We then headed to Twizel, had a quick look around and carried onto Lake Ohau. We stayed at the Round Hut Bush Camp, freedom camping. Going to be very cold tonight so we tucked the camper van up under the trees, we are also under a mountain range.

Lake Ohau

Lake Ohau, very cold night but look what we woke up to, magic, and it’s free camping 🙂