Day 8


Tuesday 19th.

It was pretty cold last night. Had breaky and got cleaned up ready to hit the road. 10 am and we are off.
We got to Calliope and stopped to get a few things and went down by the river for morning tea. J &A are staying here while we go to my friends place in Rockhampton for a night and will meet us up on the Yepoon road on Wednesday.  Was great spending time with my friend, we chattered until 1 am in the morning, crikey, haven’t done that for years. Don got lots of stuff done on his computer. Bought a pair of sandals and a fleecy shirt, some wool for something to knit when the weather is not good.


 Camping over the far side of the river at Calliope.DSCF2943  This is the camping up the high side.DSCF2940 DSCF2939

Morning tea view, very nice place to stay on another trip.