Still in Lake Tekapo area.

Wednesday 8th August.

6.50 am still black outside, sunrises about 7.45 am at the moment. Rained most of the night that I could hear and very cold. Well wasnt long and then I realised that snow was falling onto the windows of the camper, so we went out and it was very steady fall, we could see thru the fog that Mt John had a fair bit of snow  laying on the ground from last night. So we got packed up and went down to the Good Shepherd Church and got heaps of shots, was so awesome. We fuelled up and started heading up to Mt Cook, there was snow everywhere. Got to Mt Cook where the turn off is to go to Tasman Glacier, low cloud and white with snow beautiful sight. It is 2.45 pm by now.The cloud covered Mt Cook but we did the walk up to Tasman Glacier, not a good view due to cloud but did see the icebergs floating in the Tasman lake. We have run into a couple from Tekapo when staying there so was nice to catch up with them. It started to snow heavy while we were up the tops so made a start to get back down to the car park. We then headed to Twizel, had a quick look around and carried onto Lake Ohau. We stayed at the Round Hut Bush Camp, freedom camping. Going to be very cold tonight so we tucked the camper van up under the trees, we are also under a mountain range.

Lake Ohau

Lake Ohau, very cold night but look what we woke up to, magic, and it’s free camping 🙂


Omarama to Tekapo

Friday 6th June

We stopped at Lake Tekapo and had a good look around, got some shots of the Good Shepherd Church and booked into the Van park as we needed power for some heating, bitterly cold night. Got tea done and we were downloading photo’s, we are burning our images onto DVD. Daylight hours are very short 8 am – 5 pm. The park is oldish but clean, not badly priced and the floor is heated in the ladies shower room $2 for a shower. The cold is knocking us around this trip, but still enjoying every moment.

The Good Shepherd Church

The Good Shepherd Church,  frost on the shade side of the roof.

Lake Tekapo Lake Tekapo, this was taken at late afternoon, sun going down over the horizon.

Southern Alps and Lake TekapoSouthern Alps, Looking from the Lillydale road side of Lake Tekapo.