Day 21

Friday 21st February
Had a real good sleep. Got up and made a cuppa as I do most mornings, I love early, went for a look around while drinking my cuppa, lots of birds, rocks, waterfalls and pools, very peaceful. There are toilets, ladies one is full, the vandals have messed the place up.There is a water tank outside both toilets, ladies one still has water the men’s looks like its been left on to run dry. There is not a lot of room here for many campers, lucky there were only the bus and us. Its got very muggy and the midges are coming out more, 😦
We all just used this day for a bit of R & R as we are all tired. We have decided to move onto Bonshaw weir as the midges got real bad.IMG_8148
 Setting up camp at Rocky Creek Glacier Site.IMG_8426  This is the sign on side of road to the camp area.IMG_8424-2  Coming out of camp area.IMG_8150-2 All set up, Don’s sister is with us in her bus.
IMG_8153  This is the camp site, you can see the damage that has occurred, I am going to send this to the Gwydir Council Shire.IMG_8154 Toilets and top camp.IMG_8155  Top camp sites. Only room for two vehicles.IMG_8157 This was taken at first light. That is a really long way down standing up at the BBQ area looking down.IMG_8177  Rock formations, they are huge square blocks, some look like they have been stacked.IMG_8196  Down at the water near the wee waterfall.IMG_8206 IMG_8207 IMG_8208  From down by the water looking up towards the BBQ area.IMG_8223 This was taken from the top of the waterfall in distance. To the right of the person below in the red shirt.IMG_8240 The person shows the perspective of things.