Day 72

Wednesday 22nd.

The place is buzzing with birds nesting, even the Sacred kingfisher is calling and chirping all day. Got it going into it’s nest, and sat very still. Don found a wee nest in the branches while having morning tea, we could hear this bird, didn’t know what it was, we could see it protecting this area, then we saw it, A Pale Yellow Robin, so tiny and the nest is real small, I would never have seen it in the leaves.There are Red backed Wrens as well, could stay here another week. Grrrr, gotta go tomorrow, so this is our last night of actual camping, staying a few nights at friends on our way home. Wont be long and I’ll be planing the next adventure, ūüôā It’s been a fantastic 3 months and a pleasure to share it on my website, and thanks for all the likes.

IMG_7637PaleYellowRobin  Pale Yellow Robin and nest.IMG_7721SacredKingfisher Sacred Kingfisher going to nest, in top of hole.IMG_7746


Day 71

Tuesday 21st

Well we are had a real relaxing day, this place is so quiet and peaceful, heaps of birds and we are all set up, got the fire going and did roast veggies in the camp oven, and had sausages with them in the tin foil in the coals, got the washing soaking for tomorrow to hang out.

IMG_7384 ¬†Pale-headed Rosella’s the were also nesting.IMG_7465

Galah’s nesting, we could hear the babies calling.

IMG_7600 ¬†Several Roo’s would be out feeding on the lush green grass.IMG_7612¬†Milky way at Judds, Mars is the star yellow in the middle.

Day 15

21st April Monday 

We have had a real nice time here, but time to go so had breaky and got cleaned up, packed up and hit the road by 9 am, stopped at Taroon for morning tea and empty the toilet, fueled up. Called into Wandeon looked around had a cuppa then headed to Jackson down the Jackson Road, heading south/west now for Warrego Hwy again and back to Judd’s Lagoon. Still a few people here but plenty of room for us all. Stayed two nights and Kate and Chris had to head back home so we stayed another night.

DSCF1600  Taroom, a stop for morning tea.DSCF1605  Wandeon.DSCF1617 On the road to Jackson, heading to Judds Lagoon.