Day 32

Wednesday 1st April

Looks cloudy. Heading off to Penguin. Drove 38 km, lovely drive, nice little seaside town, and then we came on out to Sulphur Creek free camping. Got a real sheltered spot, ocean views. Got here early set up and had lunch. Did the washing, had a hot shower in the sun. Only two other campers here. Did a walk around and found heaps of penguin nests. Got tea early and went to sit out and see what time the penguins come a shore.  Well these ones come in later than in nz. We only had two trains go through. Got windy and cooled down. Rained during the night.

DSCF4812Sulpher CreekPenguin  Local train transporting cargo to Burnie.IMG_2519  View from our camp site, Sulphur Creek, about 8 km north of penguin.IMG_2527  View from the opposite wayIMG_2532  Local race horse being given a warm up by a run down the beach.IMG_2539  Our camp siteIMG_2542  Burnie from the look out, this is the docks where the logs are exported out.IMG_2549  Burnie looking south.IMG_2556  The lovely statue of the Penguin at the approach of town. Taken while driving so not a good shot.IMG_2571  Was walking around looking for nests and there it was a baby looking out so took the shot and left him alone.IMG_2579  Love the rocks when the sea is rough.IMG_2643  The wee penguins come up these rocks to there nests, but I was taken with all the different colours and shapes.IMG_2645 More shapes and colours of rocks.


Day 72

Wednesday 22nd.

The place is buzzing with birds nesting, even the Sacred kingfisher is calling and chirping all day. Got it going into it’s nest, and sat very still. Don found a wee nest in the branches while having morning tea, we could hear this bird, didn’t know what it was, we could see it protecting this area, then we saw it, A Pale Yellow Robin, so tiny and the nest is real small, I would never have seen it in the leaves.There are Red backed Wrens as well, could stay here another week. Grrrr, gotta go tomorrow, so this is our last night of actual camping, staying a few nights at friends on our way home. Wont be long and I’ll be planing the next adventure, 🙂 It’s been a fantastic 3 months and a pleasure to share it on my website, and thanks for all the likes.

IMG_7637PaleYellowRobin  Pale Yellow Robin and nest.IMG_7721SacredKingfisher Sacred Kingfisher going to nest, in top of hole.IMG_7746