Day 24

24th Tuesday
We got sorted and then went to Nile, with it in mind to find a good spot for star trails etc, We drove to where we have been shooting before and saw it in daylight for the first time. Drove up to Deddington lovely countryside but no good areas for night shooting. When we got back to the farm where we really wont to shoot from we decided to go ask the farmer for permission to go into his paddock, and yes it was no problem, so lucky. After this we went to the bakery at Evendale and wow there is a town around the corner, when we drove thru I thought it was just a wee place. Then we drove to Perth along the South Esk River very pretty,
Free range chooks at pub, white one was cranky with the brown one.  This white chook was cranky with the brown chook, they roam free at the pub in the beer gardens, Evensdale.Turkey's and chooks in Beer Garden at the Pub, Evendale  The Turkey will attack anyone that walks in to the beer gardens with a motorbike helmet on, story is the owners son in his youth use to frighten the turkey with his motorbike helmet.Quaint shops  Quaint wee house that goes with the business, a lot of there front doors open onto the foor path like in the old days.DSCF4520  Street in Evensdale.Penny Farthing  EvensdaleEsk River at Perth Esk River at Perth, TasmaniaBaptist Church Evendale  Baptist Church Evensdale, has a lovely big dome on topPost Office Evendale  Post Office, Evensdale.Esk River at Evendale  Esk river, Evensdale, lovely colours of under growth in water, looks like under water gardens.DSCF4492

Function & Cafe, Clarendon Clarendon reception and function roomClarendon House Clarendon House, beautiful grounds.

Day 21 & 22

21st Saturday
Had a day at home and went to the markets, saw the monkeys, and Katie came home and did a big cook up with Quince, made a crumble, wow so nice. Sean had to work today.
22nd Sunday
Got up and headed off to Woolmer’s Estate, what a wonderful place, spent all day there and had a picnic lunch as well. On our way home went to see a free camping spot at the sports grounds at Bishopbourn. Then just took the long easy way home and saw the scenery.
20150321_102352  We went to Saturday markets and saw the monkeys on our way home20150321_102755  Quiet a few babies in the bunch.20150321_102438 DSCF4308 Woolmer's Estate and Maquairie river  View from the bridgeWoolshed  WoolshedIMG_0946  Staff quarters, now rented out for travellersIMG_0949  Windmill and pump shedIMG_0955  Main homesteadCoach House and stables  Coach and StablesRose Gardens  Rose Gardenswindmill and pumpshed Windmill and pump-shedfree rand chooks Free range chooks, they are wondering in so many places we have been, so nice.