Xmas, 3 weeks


I spent 3 weeks away camping at a private farm by a river, my daughter and youngest son and families came as well, we kayaked, chattered and just relaxed. Is lovely watching the horses and cows, were off the grid so it was very pleasant. Here are a few photos.

DSCF5612Campsite  Setting up campIMG_0100  Fire going to get some coals to cook on the camp ovenIMG_0059CalvesPlaying  Young calves playingIMG_0049RockyRiver  A well worn track through to our deeper hole for cooling offIMG_7306On Harvey's Chair  Sampling Harvey;s new chair, now has a back on it.IMG_7749Judy Rocky  Kayaking down the riverIMG_8250Monarch  Monarch Butterfly20151221_210923Moon  Had a go at photographing the moon with my mobile through the telescope, amazing I thought.DSCF5738  My son taking the dog for a rideDSCF5755Byron

My grandson playing with his xmas/birthday present


Day 15

Saturday 3rd

Up early and decided to see if I could do my walk without breakfast and I did, but wouldn’t want to go any further than my 2 km.  Kay and Mark all packed up early and set off at 7.30 am. Its warming up and fine. Well we watched the families next door pack up they went in dribs and drabs, but Todd and Harvey families were last.  We spent a quiet afternoon, computer work, reading, had another swim. The fire was still smoldering over at Todd’s so we went and checked out the coals for a camp oven tea, and they were lovely so piled all the wood up so it’d keep going.  Went down and sat at Kay’s site to get photos of the platypus.  He didn’t come out, but we have neighbor’s so Don went over to tell them the story about the fire and they were cooking their tea on a cooker, so it was no problem using the fire pit for camp oven.  Had sausages, roast veggies was lovely. Time for bed.

IMG_9095  Canoes travelling down the river.IMG_9089  Rounding up the stock.IMG_9083 One that got away, go for it Ed.IMG_9209  I was heading down to the swimming pool to cool off and thank goodness my torch saw this before I was about to walk into it, I would of messed my pants, I do not like spiders at all.IMG_9139 This mum was taking her calf across the rapids and she was so careful to stay on the down side, it is pretty swift.

Day 12

Wednesday 31st,  last day of the year.

Woke to  very clear skies,  going to be a hot one, waiting for breakfast to settle then walk.  Got short way and had to retreat back to the loo. So stayed home and did all my Qigong and Tai Chi. Took morning tea up to Kays and then decided we’d take the drive up the Wier and dam area, 28km up from our camp spot, taking the upper rocky river rd. Just beautiful scenery,  large rocks and the river goes all the way,  crossed over a wee bridge and people were camping there. Got to a area in shade for lunch then had a swim in the river there, not deep but cooling. Met Kay and Mark at the top of the range on our way home. Got back and took the mileage from where we walk to the camper was exactly 1 km so 2km return everyday we have done it.  One morning was too wet. Doing a fire soon to do my bread and roast veggies for tea, will have a glass of my wine that I didn’t have for birthday. Lovely fine day, 33 deg and clouds building again, seems to happen each night but so far so good, making the most of it. Asked Duck about the story for my painting Bruce did for me as Bruce has gone into town, means Dolphin dreaming.  He dreams of the mullet and when the fisherman come and take to many he splits them up so some left for him. Other two brothers have gone to town. Went to Kay and marks for a drink and we stayed awhile then came over to Harveys and Diannes group watched their fireworks,  really lovely.  Came home and sat listening to their music for awhile. Went to bed, the music did not stop until 2 pm. Great day.

IMG_8968  My gluten free damper bread, was really nice.IMG_8961  Huts in the middle of nowhere.IMG_8910  The Weir IMG_8863  Another place that’s nice and isolated.IMG_8856  Huge rocks every where, this is just one I liked.IMG_8908 Down at the weir.