Xmas, 3 weeks


I spent 3 weeks away camping at a private farm by a river, my daughter and youngest son and families came as well, we kayaked, chattered and just relaxed. Is lovely watching the horses and cows, were off the grid so it was very pleasant. Here are a few photos.

DSCF5612Campsite  Setting up campIMG_0100  Fire going to get some coals to cook on the camp ovenIMG_0059CalvesPlaying  Young calves playingIMG_0049RockyRiver  A well worn track through to our deeper hole for cooling offIMG_7306On Harvey's Chair  Sampling Harvey;s new chair, now has a back on it.IMG_7749Judy Rocky  Kayaking down the riverIMG_8250Monarch  Monarch Butterfly20151221_210923Moon  Had a go at photographing the moon with my mobile through the telescope, amazing I thought.DSCF5738  My son taking the dog for a rideDSCF5755Byron

My grandson playing with his xmas/birthday present


Day 17

Monday 5th 

Very cloudy and cool,  lovely, so I went for my walk early again,  so much better. Did Tai Chi and exercising  then down for my swim bit chilly getting in but very refreshing.  Had breakfast and now the sun is just peaking through the clouds. Been sitting listening to a cow bellowing,  I thinks it’s calf has got mixed up with the herd that Ed and Zoe took away the other day and i noticed her udder very full. The brothers have all packed up and ready to be picked up, they are going to be packing garlic. Most people have gone back to work today. Went down to check out the kingfisher and platypus again only saw kingfisher. Started raining about 4.30pm. Had soup for tea as we had big lunch. It has got really chilly and doing this diary inside camper. Raining still and going to bed soon, only 8pm. Started putting a lot of things back where they belong getting ready to pack for leaving Wednesday.

IMG_9484  Thistle flower, didn’t even notice the orange and black bug or the cicada shell.IMG_9478  Herd ready to cross, they don’t like us in the water when they cross.IMG_9475  Fences to be fixed, always work on the farm.IMG_9452 Another different butterfly.

Day 14

Friday 2nd 

Got up and so nice not to be in pain in my back. Had 2 gf weetbix and went for my walk, it was only 7 am, so much easier. Did my tia chi and had my swim all done by 7.45 am. Don did his a wee bit after me. Sat out back of camper and read in the shade as it was pretty warm. Did some computer work getting the photos done for Harvey’s family. Then we went up to where the family were at the jumping rock, pretty neat swimming hole. On our way back we went to check out the creek where the Chinese had been gold prospecting, very interesting and they were very smart. We had a storm go thru, lasted about 1/2 hour then a bit of rain for awhile now just overcast. Went up and had a drink with the kids as they are going tomorrow.  Lots of people left today. Nice and cool for sleeping tonight.

IMG_9052  a slouch. IMG_9034  Another cottage.IMG_9016  Different angle of this cottage, been added onto. The still use it.IMG_9001  Harvey’s family having so much fun at this swimming hole.IMG_8983 Lots of butterflies around at the moment.