Friday 27th Day 3

Our bunkhouse looks like old stables, very comfortable and quirky. The Opal festival is on and town is packed, which is great as the drought is really bad so any money spent in the town it helps. Its not just the farmers suffering, its their workers etc. Ripple effect. Went and saw John Murray’s gallery, wonderful art. Bought a few pieces of rough opal. Got back to camp and chatting with a couple whom came from the town I lived in, in NZ. Went up the mullock heap out the back and what an amazing view. Took some photos, heaps of miners huts/houses.

 From the Mullock heap looking at some miners places.  Again from top of Mullock heap, camp is on the horizon.  This is the dreaded Hudson Pear Cactus. Looking up at the Mullock heap.


25th July Day 1-2

Off to Lightning Ridge but staying tonight at O’Shea’s in Goondiwindi. I have some photos of the last 2 days all in one .

The land is so dry out here, this is on our way to Goondiwindi.

Farmers are having to use the long paddock just to get the stock some extra feed.

Moonie River at the Nindgully Pub and camping for freedom.

Plenty of room for camping and the river is so nice to look at. I hear the meals at the pub are great.

Daggy sign. On the other side of the sign it has Free beer tomorrow.

Silo art work at Thallon.

Hebel Hotel.

Camp kitchen at Lorne Station, Lightning Ridge.

Looking over towards the old shearing shed on the station.

Shows just how much room there is for camping, you can choose powered or unpowered.

Up at the powered sites and the permanents.


Showing the camp fire area.

Hudson’s Prickly pear, dont ever touch it, Don found out the hard way, took pliers to get them out of his foot, the crocks went in the bin.