Friday 27th Day 3

Our bunkhouse looks like old stables, very comfortable and quirky. The Opal festival is on and town is packed, which is great as the drought is really bad so any money spent in the town it helps. Its not just the farmers suffering, its their workers etc. Ripple effect. Went and saw John Murray’s gallery, wonderful art. Bought a few pieces of rough opal. Got back to camp and chatting with a couple whom came from the town I lived in, in NZ. Went up the mullock heap out the back and what an amazing view. Took some photos, heaps of miners huts/houses.

 From the Mullock heap looking at some miners places.  Again from top of Mullock heap, camp is on the horizon.  This is the dreaded Hudson Pear Cactus. Looking up at the Mullock heap.