Monday 6th March

Off to Lake Dobson, we drove and then did the Lake walk and Pandana Grove, we were 1140 m high. Lovely Alpine foliage.

 This moss is so thick that the rocks sit into it. So soft.  Lake Dobson thru the Gums.  Came across this Echidna, it wasn’t worried about us.  Pencil Pines on our walk. Heading to the Pandana Grove.  Walking through the Pandana’s.  Lake Dobson from other side.  The amount of trees that are dead and in the water was fascinating.  Alpine foliage.  Manuka   (Tea Tree) flowers.

Day 9

9th Monday
Got a good night sleep, was lovely and quiet after dark.could here the creek running. we were going to stay 2 nights but its very close  to the road so decided to head down further. went to Myrtleford and fueled up then headed to Wangaratta but took a turn off before the Hume h’way and was a lovely country drive, ended up on the Hume, turned off the Hume at Euroa and headed for Alexandra, checked out a place just west of Alexandra and no good, very small right on the highway, so turned around and went back to Alexandra and came to a place called Brooks River Reserve. on the Goulbourn River and its really flowing. Staying here until Thursday morning then go to Healesville.
2015AlpineDrive  Alpine driveIMG_9791 IMG_9786 IMG_9781  Goulburn River Victoria.IMG_9759 IMG_9780 IMG_9768BrookRiverReserveAlexandraVic  Camp site.IMG_9773 IMG_9796