Day 9

9th Monday
Got a good night sleep, was lovely and quiet after dark.could here the creek running. we were going to stay 2 nights but its very close  to the road so decided to head down further. went to Myrtleford and fueled up then headed to Wangaratta but took a turn off before the Hume h’way and was a lovely country drive, ended up on the Hume, turned off the Hume at Euroa and headed for Alexandra, checked out a place just west of Alexandra and no good, very small right on the highway, so turned around and went back to Alexandra and came to a place called Brooks River Reserve. on the Goulbourn River and its really flowing. Staying here until Thursday morning then go to Healesville.
2015AlpineDrive  Alpine driveIMG_9791 IMG_9786 IMG_9781  Goulburn River Victoria.IMG_9759 IMG_9780 IMG_9768BrookRiverReserveAlexandraVic  Camp site.IMG_9773 IMG_9796