Sunday 20th March

Had a very relaxing day yesterday after our big adventure on Saturday. Went to the Sunday markets, they were great. Today we went for a drive around the bays out from Triabunna, it turned out so interesting didn’t get back until 5.15 pm. very overcast and cool day.

 Three Thumbs lookout, very low clouds. sandstone boulders,  Tessellated rocks.  Echidna.  Beautiful patterns in the sandstone.  Lovely view of Maria Island.  Now that’s a great fence. 🙂  Sandstone. Sandstone Quarry.



Monday 6th March

Off to Lake Dobson, we drove and then did the Lake walk and Pandana Grove, we were 1140 m high. Lovely Alpine foliage.

 This moss is so thick that the rocks sit into it. So soft.  Lake Dobson thru the Gums.  Came across this Echidna, it wasn’t worried about us.  Pencil Pines on our walk. Heading to the Pandana Grove.  Walking through the Pandana’s.  Lake Dobson from other side.  The amount of trees that are dead and in the water was fascinating.  Alpine foliage.  Manuka   (Tea Tree) flowers.