Day 20

20th Friday
Headed off to Scottsdale, Lavender Farm, and up to Bridpost, well what lovely places, we are going to stay a week at Scottsdale in the free camping. $3 for a 4 min hot shower, but hey how good is the town doing this. Bridpost has a lot to offer. Loved the Lavender Farm at Nabowla area. Bought a few things and had Devonshire Tea. Came home via the Tamar H’way thru Pipers River.
TreetopsAdventurePark  Amazing buildings in the bush by the mountain bike park.DSCF4293For all those people who like a mountain bike challenge
DSCF4298 IMG_0664 IMG_0665  Camping allowed for 24 hours, nice toilets no showers.IMG_0675  Track to the fallsLillydale Falls 1First Falls we came to at Lillydale, shame about the log, that’s nature for you.Lillydale Falls 2  Falls number 2IMG_0725 IMG_0726 IMG_0728 IMG_0739 IMG_0752  Tea gardens at the Lavender FarmScottsdale  This is at ScottsdaleIMG_0760  Park at the reserve where you can camp.IMG_0761  Another angle, this is a very big reserve, made up of many paddocksIMG_0814 Driving into Bridport  The view of the beach as we came over the hill at BridportRocky Beaches at Bridport  Very rocky beaches.Old Jetty, Bridport  Old jettyIMG_0874  Heading home via this way.IMG_0887  Heading back into Luanceston, been a long and wonderful day.Coming into Launceston

Here’s the entrance coming into Launceston.