Day 19

19th Thursday
Got up and headed for Ben Lomond, weather looking good at first. Wonderful drive. Got to the Ben Lomond NP and onto the dirt road, bit of corrugation and by the time we got to the registration box we let the tyres down a bit. the cloud was getting lower, fine drizzle, visibility was getting bad and when we got to the bottom of Jacobs Ladder a Ute came down and said it gets worse not good, so we had been thinking along the same lines so turned around and went back. Had a picnic lunch in the shelter shed at the toilet block rest area. Got worse the weather but was fun. Lovely drive down the hill the rest of the trip and once we hit the tar seal junction we pumped air back in the tyres. So much to see on this road still took us all day.
Wine area to Ben Lomond  Beginning of the trip and at the wine area.IMG_0576 IMG_0580  At the self registration shelter and let our tyres down a bit.IMG_0587  opps its getting worseIMG_0596  And now its impossible to carry on, not safe, we turn around here.IMG_0603  Get down to the picnic area, nice and clear.IMG_0607  But then it comes in so fast, smoko on Ben Lomond  We had a our lunch here, was awesome.IMG_0647
 On way home comes across a sow and piglets so i go for a little walk to get her photo, so funny, she grunts and the piglets run down into the side, so I took this photo and let her be, it was icy raining.