Day 48

Saturday 18th April

Woke to a lovely sunny day, I was up early and went for a bush walk with in the grounds and came across heaps of signs, one I have posted, the rest were telling about the Bandicoot, wallaby, Echidnas, etc, was very interesting. After breakfast went to check out the beach, the kids have gone into some markets that they wanted to check out, both being chef’s and cooks that is great for them. The airport is right by the sea, watching a plane come into land as if it is going to hit the tree tops is quiet interesting.

IMG_3912  Bush walking as I do.IMG_3914 IMG_3925  The family area’s and BBQIMG_3927  The pool area.IMG_3945  Seven Mile BeachIMG_3949 IMG_3954  Plane coming into land.IMG_3958 Loved these clouds.


Day 6

Friday 27th

Went into Warwick to get some stores, it rained last night and on our way back from Warwick you could see the storms brewing, fork lightning, black clouds. When we got back Kay said that it had really rained which we could tell, then only a few showers and now all fined up. So good for the country side, they need rain very badly.

Went to get some photo’s of birds down by the water hole and the chap came down to where we were going to sit on the log which we had been doing before and said there is a python carpet snake sitting in there, he showed us, we got some photo’s and then moved away to the water. It was beautiful and very curled up, reckon about 6 feet long.

When we came back up to the trailer, Don noticed a small frog jump out by the fire pit, then another and then when we started really looking there was like a migration, so many all along the bank right up to Kay’s site. So tiny, didn’t know what sort they were as hard to tell when very small, i’m talking about as small as my thumb nail.

Made a Gluten Free bread in the camp oven yesterday, turned out bad, burn’t the bum out it, far to much in the small camp oven, and the coals were to hot in the fire, so made another one today, and only ¼ of the amount, turned out good to look at, bad to eat, then I knew that it still has to rise, so tomorrow I will try again but do it in the Weber. I will get it right sooner or later.

Mark is doing a big casserole in the camp oven for all of us, and I have we just realized that there is mushrooms in it and Don can’t eat them, so he will do something else for himself.

IMG_4499  Looking at K & M site from our site, posting this to show how roomy it is.IMG_4501 - Copy  Our site from the entrance, we have neighbours on the right side, but still plenty of room. K & M site is to the left of this image.IMG_4502  K & M site from the bottom of entrance.IMG_4508  M & K sitting back relaxing, our site in the background. To the left of where Mark is sitting was a Red Bellied black snake today.IMG_4517  This is a carpet snake of some sorts, just bathing in the sun, warming up, there are heaps of little birds in this area, so plenty of prey for him I imagine. IMG_4529 A frog in the grass in daylight. He is the Lesueur’s Tree Frog.