Day 13

Friday 3rd January 2014

Gordon Country bush camping.There facilities are.  S,  $,  T,  SH,  BR,  FP,  DP, but only a sewage pit, there is a river, they say if you boil it you can drink it, we did not. For these abbreviation’s go to my keyword & symbols page.

Gordon country is 46 km from Aratula at Gladfield at the driver reviver, turn right towards Goomburra, 10 km to Gumburra hall, turn right into Inverramsey Rd, follow for 20 km. Or 50 km east of Warwick.

Last day of the trip, packing up, we have all day so taking our time.

IMG_4068Our camp site This was home for 12 days. well camouflaged.


Gordon Country Trip.


Sunday 22nd Dec 2013

Got up at 5 am and started to get organized to head off.

My daughter gave us a ring to say they were heading on down to Aratula, this is where we are all meeting. Kay and Mark have decided to bring their camper and set it up so we are all together, then they go home for 2 days work and come back. We can watch the camper for them.

Okay, Kay and Mark arrived early so they came on thru to the Gordon Country which was great, they got to drive around and picked out the best spots, we all love the same thing as far as camping goes, they did well, we have a very quiet, some shade, by the river, not much of a flow, but there is water, lots of birds, so we are happy little photographers. 🙂

Once we were all set up and had a quick chat, Kay and Mark headed off home.

We got about having lunch, sorted out where everything is to be and it got very hot, about 38 degrees.

When it cooled down we went for fire wood, etc and just relaxed the rest of the afternoon.

Had tea once it cooled down, had a wee fire as it cooled off very quickly, amazing one minute you are sweating the next its cool, but very pleasant.

Had a great night sleep, everything wide open and there was a good breeze all night.

Home on Camping

This is the set up for the next two weeks.

Inside awning

Inside of the awning and our living area.

Nice big sites

Nice big sites and well away from each other.

Our backyard

Looking out at the view and this is our back yard for two weeks 🙂

Veiw of Cub's other side

Other side of the cub camper.