New Year

I’m going to add several photos to cover the past week as it was very wet and not many images.

dscf6761  The road I walk every day while camping at the river, was very smokey as there are fires in the hills.dscf6763  Our camping spot.dscf6764  I was interested as to what makes these lines in the weed on the river, well I found out its a Red Black Bellied snake, I was sitting in the pool and it swam right passed me by about 6 foot.dscf6769  Having a bit of fun with my wee underwater camera, these little fish nibble your legs while you sit still.dscf6784  The storm has passed and the waters are still rising, if you compare this image to the first posting you’ll see how much its filled up. Wonderful to see.dscf6793  My waterhole before the rains was only up to my hips, now its under my arm pits. Awesome.dscf6806 Heading out, trees were down after the storm.