Days 16 & 17

16th Monday
Had a lovely drive down thru the Midland h’way and onto Launceston. got here and Sean said we could put the camper into the carport, so very lucky. We will do day trips for awhile from here. Spent the rest of the day catching up with Sean and Katie. Sean took us for a quick venture around town and down to his work where we caught up with Katie as well.
17th Tuesday
We decided to go to Cataract Gorge and to see Ducks Reach, was an old hydro power station, even though the weather has rained and very overcast, had a great day and will do the other end tomorrow. These photo’s were taken with a point and shoot that is waterproof, so not the best images, as it was raining.
IMG_0482  The view from the front doorDSCF4162  stairs out of the gorgeDSCF4145  Swing bridge across cataract gorge at Ducks ReachDSCF4154  Looking up at the swing bridge and old power house in back groundDSCF4138 DSCF4135 DSCF4132  This building operated the old flying foxDSCF4126Staff homes power station  These homes were built in the mid 1800’s for the workers of the hydro power station, 3 are still being lived in.DSCF4125DuckReachPowerStation  Looking down from car park at the old power station houseIMG_0521YellowWattleBird Yellow Wattle bird, I believe they are only in Tasmania.