Day 25

Friday 5th

Woke to a lovely warm morning, people starting to move out, we got our bits all done and headed off to Toomulla Beach all of 12.9 km up the road. Lovely spot, got set up and relaxed. Checked out the beach etc. We are here for 2 nights, they have nice toilets, no showers, and there is drinking water. I found it frustrating when we went to the beach as I wasn’t going to allow a Irukandji to sting me, there are signs everywhere.

IMG_3549  Both our set ups.IMG_3544  Just down the road from the camping spot.IMG_3535  The beach at Toomulla. That dark mark in the right of image is a Jabaru.IMG_3519  They say beware of Croc’s so we were careful. IMG_3516  Our first sight of the ocean since one month ago while we have been traveling bush.IMG_3507  Toilet block.IMG_3506

Lovely big area, 48 hours allowed free camping.